Can't keep up with my reviews

  1. Max 30 items per review use the wrap-up button (otherwise correct rate goes down)
  2. Don’t do new lessons if apprentice items number > 120
  3. Do reviews when you wake up and before bed.
  4. Do reviews in your phone when you have 20 or 30 minutes breaks.
  5. Always do reviews every day.
  6. Use a scrip to undo typos or honest mistakes (e.g. your definition is correct but the WK wording is too different)
  7. Use this script so you can recognize some of the kanji readings by just looking at the radicals, [Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

I’m not trying to discourage you but it gets way worst (at least for me, I was overwhelmed around lvl 42).