Can't find this one

Uhhh, this one looks pretty basic, but my mind goes blank when trying to think what it means. Searching it for the drop radical doesn’t give me any results. The closest it resembles to what I recognise is the hiragana そ, but on the font I read it on, it clearly has the drop radical. Unless it’s a font variation I’m not familiar with, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. What it looks like:

Is just another version of そ

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Oh, thanks. Learned something new today…

This is what I usually draw into my Android Japanese IME using my stylus because if I draw the usual そ it gets interpreted as を. Every. Friggin. Time.

Might I ask where you found it? I believe I’ve only seen in hiragana charts and the odd instance here and there when searching things

Every time I see it on a license plate, it’s in that style. There are a handful of hiragana with multiple forms. For instance, り can be written with the connection in the middle or with a separation. (that was just as an aside, not to you specifically, kumirei)


I began playing Fire Emblem Heroes yesterday, and noticed there was a Japanese version, so I got that one.

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