Can't find this kanji anywhere

Hello guys,
I was reading a manga (oresuki, for those who know of it) and I stumbled across a kanji I don’t know and I can’t find it, I would be really grateful to anyone who can help find it :slight_smile:kanji de ses morts


Is there a specific volume and page? Possibly something less low resolution?

But a quick scan it looks a lot like .


Volume 1, page 22 in top right bubble, and unfortunately the kanji is really small in the manga, couldn’t really get a better pic than this :confused:. I already tried this kanji, but in the manga it is followed by き, and there doesn’t seem to be a wordlike that with this kanji

Okay, I’ll cross check on Bookwalker since it has 50 pages free reading.

So I’m now fairly confident it is 熱. So it looks the author is using the ‘き form’ of 熱い. Found the word ‘熱き血潮’ on ALC.


I have a Japanese Dictionary on my phone:
Copy and paste search:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Couldn’t find the meaning of this word on any other site though, do you know how ki form of adjectives work ?

The ki form is just an antiquated adjective form. Basically you’ll only see them used for effect, mostly in songs. Fortunately they don’t have any special effect, it’s just a normal i adjective but ends in ki instead.


Just a note that it’s the classical 連体形 (adnominal form), the form for modifying a noun directly. So it wouldn’t be possible, for instance, to see it at the end of a sentence where it’s not directly modifying a word.


Wow I’m doing well today, I was sure I wrote that it had to precede a noun. Thanks for pointing that out.


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