Can't continue at my own pace

I’d like to spend time /right now/ working on learning this, but even the free trial is gating me and won’t let me do any of the content. I did two questions and then it stopped me because I had a typo. Something about a review being available in “two hours”.

This website… It’s just a list of characters on the screen at this point. I don’t understand why I would pay for this.


Your profile shows that you have learned all 26 radicals - you have to get them correct 4 times to get them to guru level, then the kanji will unlock (as per what you will have read in the link from Kazzeon).

There’s lots more to read in the WaniKani User Guide while you’re waiting between reviews for the first few levels while your workload builds.


Yup, one gripe is that there’s just not enough to do here.


The locked lessons means that your work load will increase piece meal. There’s no point to WK letting people dig their own grave with their initial enthusiasm and gung-ho attitude, only to drop their subscription when they are faced with 300 reviews in a day two months later, burning them out on kanji learning.

And who says you can’t be learning things right now? Every item on WK can be freely viewed. You can pre-study however many lessons you want. You can read through all the mnemonics and begin familiarising yourself with it already. You just can’t have it in the WK SRS cycle quite yet.

There are also so many other things to do if you’re itching for Japanese. Grammar. The very vital kana-only vocab that WK, as a kanji-learning resource, will of course not teach. Read book club threads here on the forum to help understand sentence structure.

This site is chock-full of resources. Have at it. :slight_smile:


Y-You’re teling me 300 reviews a day isn’t normal? :upside_down_face:

but you are right in the sense that people dig their own graves


you could do hand writing practice, too. takes time and reinforces via muscle memory. give it a try, there’s apps that do that.

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Read the official FAQ on the website, it goes over precisely what you are experiencing.


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