Can't access ひいきびいき Podcast

They could have taken them off simply to reduce the traffic on those files.

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Daichig-san replied to another comment on Twitter. He said the episodes will be up in a few months :persevere:


Quick update :

The old episodes (0-99) are up again!!


Sorry to bring an old topic back up but I recently been having problems downloading the episodes which I never have before. I also use the pocket casts app and lately it’s been super slow to download the episodes. It keeps saying that the download failed due to a server error on ひいきびいき’s part. Has anyone else been running into this problem?

Sometimes I can’t access the site, and other times I can. It’s probably just a server problem.

Huh ok. It’s been like this for the past few days so I didn’t know If it was normal or anything.

They reached their traffic cap previously, so it might have happened again. If that’s what it is I imagine it will solve itself at the end of the month

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The site hasn’t loaded for me in a while, but I’ve been listening to it on and it’s also available at podbean where you can download itひいきびいき-Podcast


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