Cannot dismiss error dialog on Firefox Android

Sometimes when I make an error WaniKani displays two error dialogs which I cannot dismiss and thus cannot see the answer since the button is obstructed. I encounter this problem using Firefox for Android. On desktop this is less of an issue since the mouse is more precise. Screenshot:

Do you use any scripts?

No I don’t use any WK scripts.

出 doesn’t have that kun’yomi, so that error shouldn’t display to begin with. It seems to me like the confusion the system gets when you have more than 1 review / lesson instance open. You get incorrect message like that in that case.

If it happens, check if you have any other tabs of lessons or reviews open. Be it on pc, phone, or tablet. Any extra instance open on any device will throw the Crabigator in a tizzy. You can only worship one at a time. :crabigator:

This happens to me on my phone as well sometimes. Usually when I’ve put a wrong reading in twice. I haven’t found a way to dismiss those messages when they stick on the screen like that.

Edit: I’m using the same (Firefox on Android) and I definitely don’t have it open on another tab or on my computer.

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