Can you transfer your progression from one account to another?

Hi there,

I am reaching the final vocabulary of my last free level of WaniKani. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the experience and I’m planning on continuing after I’ve finished my free levels.

Here’s the thing though, a friend of mine used to use WaniKani back in the beta period, so he’s got the permanent 50% off of monthly and yearly purchases. Since he hasn’t used his account in years, he’s given it to me. I was wondering if there was a way to transfer the progression of an account to another account, that would save me a couple of weeks of having to redo the first three levels!

Thanks in advance :)!

I’m not really sure that’s how they intended the discount to work, if the person they gave it to isn’t going to use it. So it doesn’t really sound kosher to me, but the only people that could actually answer are the team themselves. So you’d have to email them about it.


The only thing in the terms of service that seems relevant is:

Your login may only be used by one person — i.e., a single login may not be shared by multiple people.

But you wouldn’t be sharing if your friend gave you their account, so technically you wouldn’t be breaking that rule.

Regardless, I agree with Leebo that it’s not great to switch accounts to get the discount. But they can’t really stop you from using the account (even if they don’t transfer the data for you).

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It takes you about a week to get to level 3, it would probably be easier to just restart from 1.


is the other account reset already? otherwise you could just reset to level 2/3 and do the piled up reviews, right?

But some stuff could be burned that the OP doesn’t know.

True, didn’t consider burn items 9but he can manually unburn those)

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