Can you guys add an override for when you get a question wrong?


Unrelated to the thread, I live a short train ride from you in 三木市。


It’s interesting that this is becoming such a passionate issue for someone who’s already reached level 40+.
Just to give my two cents, I recently reset and decided not to use the override script. I make silly typo mistakes sometimes but decided to accept them. And if it sets me back a couple days on a level, a couple weeks or even a few months on a character, then so be it. The overall impact won’t be huge, and at least I know for sure that I’m not abusing the system even just a little bit.


You guys have the weirdest attitude. Just because you pay for a product doesn’t mean you get to decide how it works. You can have input, sure, but a few dollars a month doesn’t make you the president of WK.

One thing that makes any product successful is when it’s creators have a philosophy and sticks to it. Whenever creators acquiesce to every single demand the product then starts to fall apart.

I love wk, especially for the fact that it is such a well thought out product. I realize that you think that it should work differently, and I can understand why, but there’s no reason to call people lazy just because they don’t want their own creation to work exactly like you want it to.


Reading my reply again I realize I was a bit rude. I’m sorry for that, I just got a little fanboish about wk…


Not that I think it applies to WK, especially for what I agree is not a make or break issue. However plenty of companies have gone under, both chasing user suggestions, and ignoring them. This is a forum, a place for people to voice their criticism, and concern. If nobody talks about an issue they are facing, then it’s impossible to say how many people its affecting. Especially just because somebody doesn’t like it.


Absolutely. But to me there’s a big difference between suggesting a change and accusing creators of being lazy for not implementing it…


I’m curious who said they were lazy? I did a search in this thread and didn’t see, perhaps it’s because I’m on mobile. In any case I don’t think it’s laziness, and If said that then I shouldn’t have, and I was wrong.


Post number 10. It doesn’t really matter though, I’m sure it’s more emotion talking than actually believing the WK team isn’t doing anything.


ah so the search didn’t work. Yeah that person is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


I just confirmed with Koichi via email that they are still philosophically opposed to being able to mark answers right. :+1: