Can we have sound reading buttons in the 'Common Word Combinations' part as well?

Hello all,

(I think I got addicted to Wanikani, I often can’t wait until the top of the hour to get the next reviews).

I noticed that there are ‘loudspeaker buttons’ in the ‘Vocab Reading’ part in the ‘Reading’ tab when learning new Vocab/Kanji.

I was wondering if it would be possible to also have the same functionality under the ‘Word Use’ tab with the ‘Common Word Combinations’ ?

Personally I feel that this helps me

  1. to cross check that I was reading this correctly (especially with phrases containing Katakana), i.e. I try to read it myself first and then have the confirmation
  2. memorizing words (not only the newly learned ones) better by hearing them while reading.

In fact, I often find myself running say -v kyoko ‘(paste phrase here)’ on Mac to check myself – having a button on Wanikani would make this even easier.

(FWIW, I’m working through Memrise’s Japanese courses in parallel and I really think hearing the words there helps me remember them together with the reading).


If I’m not mistaken, these “Common Word Combinations” only show up during lessons, and you can’t find it on the kanji page? Because I think that I have seen it once, but now I can’t find it any more…


Correction: it’s found on vocab pages, but only until level 5


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