Can we get some speed on the opt out of "りんご" tier vocabulary?

I’m not learning anything by seeing りんご
I’m not learning anything with これ
Nor am I ホテル

Rather not sit through another wave of 15 of these bloat words tomorrow again when I do my lessons.

Will this be another “”“feature”“” that is forced on everyone for another year until a simple checkbox is added to turn them off?


Looking at the announcements page on the forums, it seems they’re getting through new features at a much quicker rate after a pretty big space of stagnancy. Probably because they spent so long reorganising the codebase, but still.

Essentially it probably won’t be anywhere near as long as a year, and at least the words are quick.

Going through the reviews and encountering these new, non-kanji-containing words was surprisingly jarring. It’s as though my brain has been set into a certain mode for recognizing and understanding pictographic characters which is a different mode than for recognizing phonetic characters - and which requires a context shift (maybe there’s a better term than that, but if so I can’t think of it at the moment). And yet, surprisingly or not, I don’t seem to experience quite the same context-switching effect when encountering words with kanji and okurigana - or perhaps it’s there but not as noticeable as when coming across kanji-free words such as the newly-added vocabulary.

I do not yet have sufficient experience or practice in reading normal Japanese written material (which of course intermixes kanji and kana as a matter of routine) to detect whether or not my brain goes through exactly the same kind of gyrations when reading both types of words in situ that I observed during my review sessions. I won’t even speculate about what occurs when encountering kanji with furigana, when my brain has to decide whether to read the kana or the kanji or somehow an amalgam of both.

I’m wondering whether it may be expressed as a speed-up/slow-down effect, where the brain can leap quickly from a visual representation to a meaning (for kanji that is recognized) vs. a noticeable lag when sounding out the kana or encountering an unfamiliar kanji character. Of course, for certain frequently-encountered words written in kana, it is likely that my brain can take in the entire word as a recognized pattern rather than reading those words phonetically (similar to a ‘whole word’ or ‘whole language’ style of reading in English, which probably is not as effective a way for English learners to learn to read as compared with phonics - but I don’t even pretend to be a linguist, so I could be way off course with these musings).


I haven’t experienced the same thing, so can’t compare, but there’s some argument to be made that it’s therefore a good thing that they’ve introduced these as it offers a way to become more comfortable with seeing kana-only vocabulary regularly when you might not otherwise be.


(Off topic) I’m clearly not accustomed to your new avatar; I thought you were jprspereira!

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They released 3 kana-only vocabulary last week and 7 this week. There are only 10 total right now. They are planning releasing 10 per week for the next 5 weeks for a total of 60. How some people react to this you would think the world was ending. They are looking into a way to add an opt-out acording to what they have said. It is only causing about a minute extra of time. If you already know them, probably less.


Haha, sorry! I’m still not happy with it, I’m no good at drawing faces - need to spend some more time with Procreate this weekend :joy:


If you have iOS you can use the Tsurukame app and click on the opt out option. I did this so I don’t have to deal with the kana only vocabulary at all.

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This would be great. I can’t see anything in the Tsurukame settings though, where should it be?

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(Still off top - it was the new style rather than facial detail that tripped me up)

Honestly, I just added ‘s’ as a synonym for each one and skipped them.


That’s genius, how did I never think of that…

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I don’t want to take the credit, though. I saw the idea on the first announcement post. I just don’t understand why they chose such insultingly basic vocabulary and spread it across 50 levels. Like do I really need to be level 10 plus to practice, これ、それ、and, あれ? I think if they wanted to get higher level people on boarded, then they should have at least done some words that are used commonly in higher level grammar.


This is Tsurukame through Flighttest app.

I have the Show kana only vocabulary switched off.


Got the next batch of 10 time waster words that I must see again instead of a simple opt out or a button that would take less then 30 minutes to implement by the dev team to skip a word.

Really disappointing this is such a ‘difficult’ thing to implement


They should’ve added 林檎 instead, lazy bums.


Here we are again with doing 15 new items for the day because I have to rush through 10 words.

Its actually detrimental like the previous post that some of these new words are not even taught with the kanji they actually have. As these words do get kanji use especially in more formal writing


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