Can we add a furigana toggle to the sample sentence?

Having gotten up to level 25 (and having reset to level 1 as of a few minutes ago), I can definitively state that a) the example sentences get harder much more quickly than the kanji themselves; and b) for quite a few of them the pronunciation is not obvious from context.

I’m bringing it up again because it appears in the Archives, with no clear answer in sight.


This is a very good suggestion, I hope it can be implemented in the near future!
Even while using furigana tools such as rikaikun, sometimes it is not obvious which one is the appropriate reading to use.


There’s also this script


I came here to post this too.
I’m particularly wondering why so many of the context sentences seem to leave out kanji entirely. Like this one from 作用, which is still in my reviews from 5 levels ago for some reason:


But I already know 教える, surely this should be


… with furigana/ruby text at least for the kanji above my current level, if nothing else. EtoEto has this figured out, why can’t this feature be backported to Wanikani?

Die furigana!

This seems simplistic. Sure furigana should be avoided in favor of kanji, but most of the vocab seems to have sentences with missing kanji, and sometimes I’d like to show furigana in some cases where I’m unsure about something.

I would like to see context sentences use kanji where it would be expected in normal Japanese, with furigana for vocab/kanji above your current level.

Take my example, omitting kanji in a term that I already know just seems like the worst of both worlds.

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I agree, it was a joke

That’s not the problem so much as the kanji with multiple readings, so it’s difficult sometimes to say which one is most correct.

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Do you have something like Yomichan so you can at least look up words easily?

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