Can we add 秋分の日 Autumnal Equinox Day to Vocab

I was discussing Japanese holidays with my japanese teacher and didn’t recognise the reading of しょう for autumn in this holiday because there is only one vocabulary word for autumn in Wanikani and this uses the kun reading.
Also a lot of the names for holidays have の日 at the end so adding this word would highlight this as well.
I don’t know how frequently this is used. I’d heard of a lot of the other holidays before but not this one.


If you want a word with the しゅう (not しょう) reading, I like 春夏秋冬 since it uses the on’yomi of all four season kanji.


Sorry I got the reading wrong. The word you suggested sounds good too. I’ve found if we only get the kanji plus one vocab word I am more likely to forget the Kanji so that was another reason for suggesting this.

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