Can someone tell me and explain if my data are decent enough?

I started using Wanikani back in 2018, December to be precise, although I first logged in in August as you can see from my Level duration pannel.

Since then I managed to study quite constantly until June 2019 when shit happened in my personal life. After that I basically drop Wanikani and came back on February 2020 with something like 2000 words review.

Now, at first, I was overwhelmed because I felt like I had forgotten EVERYTHING, but apparently, after a while, things started to get better, and now I’m back to normal, although I still feel like my foundations are not as solid as they used to be, unfortunately.

That being said, here my stats:

I’d appreciate if you could tell me if I’m doing alright or not and explain why. These stats look good to me but I think I’m missing something

Thank you and cheers!


It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Just keep it up!


The only stat I ever really care about is my apprentice number, and yours is in better shape than mine. Also, if you’re in a good place studying, who cares about your stats? Sounds like you’ve found a rhythm that’s working for you, and that’s what matters!

Best of luck! 頑張って!


@d-hermit @BigEm what I mean is that I’m not sure whether this stats are “really” ok or not.

For example, when I review, my score is usually around 70/75%. Sometimes 80%, sometimes even 65%

also, it is ok have so many burned items already? I really don’t want to forget them and wish I could review them from time to time

I do trust SRS system, and I have seen many improvements, but I’m not sure whether I’m interpreting the data correctly or not.

Thank you anyway for your time

They look okay to me. My stats are this:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.04.42 PM
So not too far off what you have, allowing for your study recovery period. It helps that we’re also close level-wise. My reviews generally sit around 70%-85% as well, although I just had one that was 53% that really hurt…

If you’re worried about burned items, you could always revive them back into the review pile (there’s a tiny button on the bottom of the item page to do this) or use the self-study script to review all burned items. But personally, I feel if you burned them without using an override script or anything you shouldn’t worry too much about it right now. Also, the best way to really cement them in your brain is to read them in the wild, so you might want to consider that if it’s not already part of your routine. :+1:


yeah I’m copying a page of N2 kanzen master grammar book every day and reading two texts from the dokkai book (n3 right now, 'cause I’m reviewing) but soon I’ll start with N2 texts. Hopefully at this pace I should be somewhat ready for N2 in December, maybe (?)

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Wow yeah sounds like you’ll be fine! Best of luck for this December!


The only meaningful criterium is whether reading Japanese is becoming easier for you.

新完全マスター 読解 should be fairly simple at your WK lvl. I started the N3 book at lvl 29 and it wasn’t challenging to answer the question correctly. The challenge came up during the actualy test, when I had to do this quickly.

For N2, focus on goin steadily through WK and reading a lot. The more kanji you learn the easier it is to confuse them with old burned ones, there’s just too many similar ones. So, you need to practice reading.

As for stats, they really don’t meant much. If your review accuracy were just horrible your leveling up speed would slow down giving you time to learn the items. SRS at its best :wink:


I would not survive daily amount of reviews with your App/Guru items count (keeping mine are around 80/400), so I would cut on number of new daily lessons and run self-study drills on leaches until daily reviews amount is to my liking (around 100 recently). 100/400 app/guru was a magic combination suggested on forums for steady success without burnout, but everyone’s goals and circumstances are different.

Anyway, great job on your return and handling that pile of reviews!


If it makes you feel any better, here are my stats :sweat_smile:
I started back in September 2017, and I’m level 26 right now.
To be honest, I think you just need to set a pace that fits into your lifestyle. I used to try to rush but it always ended up being overwhelming and I would get crushed by leeches.
I had a reset from about level 11/12 back to 6 at one point when I stopped for a long time, but since then I’ve been slow but mostly consistent other than a few times I was really busy with school.

I try to keep my apprentice under 100 if possible and reviews under 200 so I know I will complete them everyday.

I think the language journey is unique for everyone so just do what works for you and eventually you will get to where you want to be

Good luck!

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The same thing happened to me and I wrote about it here: Finally Hit That Wall

Funnily enough, I did it at the same level you did, although it looks like you took a bit more time off. :wink:

Those stats look fine to me and probably even desirable at this point as you’ll want the failed items to swing back around again as you work through them.

ok so, apparently, it is best to keep apprentice under 100 and guru under 500, I’ll keep that in mind.

Yeah, but it’s not super strict, more of a guideline. The idea is to keep your apprentice items flowing through to Guru and beyond and keeping the short term review intervals under control. You’ll have to tweak the numbers based on how much you can handle per day.

The other rule I came up with since then is to only do lessons when I can catch the next interval at 4h, so I"ll only do them before early afternoon.

I’m about 5 months off from that original post, so I’ve gotten a better handle on how I can continue long term. I’d guess it takes about 2 months to really pick up again after a break like that.

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