Can someone explain to me what it means by this?

I was doing my reviews and thought that 早口 was spelled hayaguchi because of rendaku. It wasn’t but I got a warning message saying “that reading is possible for place names, but what about the rest of the time?” What does that mean? Does it mean its rendaku’d when you name your restaurant fast talker? Please help.


It’s used as a surname or place name as はやぐち, but that’s not the word being tested here.


There’s a station named Hayaguchi in Odate: Hayaguchi Station - Wikipedia

I suppose it might work for other places as well, but that’s one that came up


I think when it’s a proper noun, the portal/entrance/exit sense of 口 is more typical etymologically.

The WK vocabulary word is for “fast talker” which dies not use rendaku. I don’t think place names usually have anything to do with fast speakers. :slight_smile:

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Dude, literally fast mouth. I love it XD

Also, thanks for the super legit answers from you cool ppl, now I’ll never forget this specific case


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