Can I revert a review session?

I want to reset the last review session I did, because for some reason it had some bugs and some of the kanjis didn’t warn me about requiring On’yomi readings, so I typed the Kun’yomi one’s, and even though I entered them correctly later in the session, wanikani still thinks I answered them wrong:


These items are now on Guru, instead of being on Enlightened even though I answered them correctly.

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If the review session has already been registered as completed, you can’t revert the results no.

It might be frustrating right now, but in the bigger scheme of things, 4 items isn’t much. Think of it as getting some extra training. If you know the items, they’ll soon be back in enlightened. :slight_smile:


That’s unfortunate, but as you said, they will be back to enlighten in no time :slight_smile:

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This seems to be a bug related to some user scripts that are no longer up to date as of like yesterday. I had the same thing happen to me this morning and emailed support already, but it seems like until the scripts are updated it’s just a thing that’s going to happen.

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The issue is fixed. I had made a change to Double-Check yesterday to change the position of the ‘info’ message that pops up when WK has something it wants to tell you… but the same pop-up is used for the shake-and-warn, and I had mistakenly changed both. I don’t know why that caused shake-and-warn answers to be marked as wrong, but either way it should be fixed now.

I’m sorry for the answers that got marked wrong instead of letting you retry. I would fix them for you if I could.


Oh, so that was the problem, thank you for fixing it so rapidly :p.

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