Can i reach level 60 in one year

can i reach level 60 in one year subscription. is that possible

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Though I wouldn’t say it’s plausible


It depends on you.


Here is someone who just did it:

Only you know if you are the kind of person capable of such a tremendous feat. If you don’t know, the only way to find out is to try!


As the others have alluded to, it is technically possible, however it really is dependant on several factors.

  1. Your own memory retention - How quickly can you memorize random information? The system is based on recalling information at set intervals. The better you are at moving short term information into long-term storage, the quicker each level will pass. However, this also means that the time between seeing each piece of information will become longer and longer, thus testing if the information has really been stored in your long term cache.

  2. Availability of Time - A lot of people have lives - things like a job, school, family, social lives, and even vacations and illnesses. These are all things that need one’s attention and can (will) intereupt your learning schedule. If you have none of these things, a year is more plausible. But you have to remember that there are no weekends or summer vacations on this system. It doesn’t mean you are expected to log in every single time an item comes up for review, but to create a schedule that works for you. the most common one I’ve seen is the “first thing in the morning doing a batch with coffee” plus “in the evening before bed”.

  3. Interval means Interval - In a interval or spaced learning system, there is no “go faster” button. The whole point is to let the information settle in your brain before moving on. That means for a single item that you see for the first time today, it will reach the end of the complete learning cycle (“Burned”) in 5 months, 3 weeks and 1 day (or there abouts). This is the absolute fastest the single item will move through the system. The more often you get it wrong, misspell it or delay doing it’s review, the longer it will take.

  4. Level 60 is not the end - This only means you have been introduced to the last batch of items that need to be learned. The actual end of the game is 5 months, 3 weeks and 1 day after this, when you’ve burned the last item.

Now I assume you are asking, because you want to know how much it’s going to cost you to get through this program.

  • One year is very aggressive - it’s doable but unrealistic.
  • Assuming you are determined but still have real-life responsbilities, 2 to 3 years is probably more likely.
  • 4+ years is pretty common - This is why the lifetime subscription exists. I hear that if you come by around Christmas, they have a nice sale on lifetime subscriptions.

Anyway, once you get going, you can check your pace at WK Stats. I’d recommend waiting until level 4-5 before taking it too seriously as the difficulty and levelling speed will start to stabilise around there and give you a better idea of what your schedule will look like.

Best of luck! We’ll see you at Level 60. :grin:


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