Can I not have access to lessons?

How do you level up your guru faster?

By doing your reviews as soon as they are available. It’s slow at first, but it will pick up.

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Please read the FAQ and the Guide.


You are level 1, paid and did not even read faq ?
You are clearly trolling us.


Maybe they just really wanted to give money to Tofugu. :man_shrugging:

… which is highly discouraged in the faq.
free stuff is nice !

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Wanikani controls how quickly you can level up–the second reply to your post contains all the information you need.

How wanikani levels up the kanji is by geting the meaning and the reading correct multiple times. If you make a mistake, that count starts all over again till you successfully get both meaning and reading correctly with no mistakes. In the test portion of the reviews, you are able to add your own synonyms which are there to help you better understand the Kanji. I personally found the WaniKani’s mnemonics useless especially as I got passed the 3 free lessons. I now just use repetition because while it’s annoying, I found that for me it’s quicker to recall than an entire paragraph mnemonics. When I first started I tried creating my own mnemonics but that did not work out for me cause now I review over 80 items a day. Remember in Japan, Japanese kids learn Kanji the old fashioned way by learning stroke counts and repitition. WaniKani way is faster for us Gaijin, however natives can’t learn Kanji this way as there are too many complex Kanji that have basic meanings, Wanikani does not teach you how to write which is an integral part of learning a language. When learning English as a child don’t we remember writing simple sentences over and over again. Learning Japanese is no different. There is no real short cut. WaniKani is just a tool to help people memorize how to read kanji but actually knowing it by heart is a lifetime worth of work, just like our own language.


Do your reviews as soon as they are available and do not make mistakes because they slow you down.

In my opinion and experience, do make mistakes if you can’t remember. Early level mistakes saves you time dramatically.

Obviously, I always make mistakes when I have to and genuinely do not know the meaning because if I don’t then I’m accomdating for my weakness and not improving it. But if you can, read the nmenonics more thoroughly in order to prevent making mistakes.


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