Can I have cake now, Crabigator-sama?


Here ya go!


Thank you very much!


Omnomnomnomnom. :cake::cake::cake::cake:


Thank you! Best cake ever :grin: With this cake, I can finally meet the Crabigator with peace

And the durtle cake was so cute :heart:


Congrats! :tada: :birthday:

That’s the perfect choice :heart_eyes: I found a used set in bookoff but I’ve only read the first volume so far (in Japanese, ive read it all in English :blush:) so if you ever want a reading buddy let me know!

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Thank you :blush:

I would love to read it together, if you want :smile: Having someone to talk and discuss with should make it easier for both to keep motivation and progress going, I think :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually bought mine from Bookoff too, because I really love the series. I watched the anime, had to read it (in english) and thought it should be easier to read japanese with a story I already know. I’ve finished the first book and started the second, and my reading speed will maybe be one volume per week (or two weeks, depending on real life stuff butting in xD).

Have you read Strobe Edge? It will probably be my next manga after Ao Haru Ride, and it’s really cute :heart:

lets do it!

Sadly I only brought volumes 1-3 with me so thats all I’ve got right now but I’ll grab the rest when I visit home in March!

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awesome :cake: congratulations

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Nice to have a thread for the series, it deserves the attention, I think :smile:

Then we’ll just read 1-3/2-3 (whatever suits you, really) now, and start 4 when you have the rest of them :blush: I’m currently using quite a lot of time on grammar and finishing some other stuff anyways, so going slow will be no problem for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :blush:

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