Came back, burned over 100 items and REALLY overwhelmed. Help

So title. I haven’t been on since July. Came back and burned over 100 items. Now I’m a little freaked. I knew the items obviously but I’m nowhere near at the point of reading yet so how do I keep those items from getting lost in my brain? I don’t need to review them often obviously but I don’t want to forget them!

I also failed a bunch of items so I have like a queue of 200+ items and well over 100 apprentice items. Don’t quit WaniKani cuz you’re burned out kids.

Also if anyone has any advice on getting organized between WK, bunpro and Genki drop it here. Last time I spent more time trying to figure out how to study than actually doing it.

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Don’t fret too much : ) those first 100 are very common kanji and you’ll see them regularly. You may need to look one up occasionally, but you’ve done the hard work already.

As fo the study. My personal recommendation is to not consider WK as your primary study method, rather as a ‘chore’ that you do every day. Find a textbook or other source (Genki or whatever) and build your routine around that. Recently I was doing my Uni course 2-3 evenings a week with WK every morning and afternoon.

If you get something like the excellent ‘Graded readers’ series, you can start reading right away. I try to do some reading everyday .

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As @Taniotoshi said you will see the items in the wild, but if you still feel the need to cram your burned items there are two scripts that can help you.

  • Self Study Quiz - If you use the Burned Item preset and set the Max Quiz Size parameter to a small value, like 20, Self Study Quiz will quiz you on a random selection of items. If you do it every day or every week, a different random selection will be made for the quiz.

  • Item Inspector - This script can also let you study your burned items. Use the Burned Item table and recite aloud the reading and meanings of your items. Then move the mouse over the item and the answer will show up in a popup. Item Inspector may also make a random selection of items to study. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.

The choice of the script depends of the style of study you prefer, a quiz or the mouse over.

It depends of how much time you have for studying. If you have enough time the best organization is to just do it and don’t worry about it. But if you have limited time you need priorities. The trick would be to pace your lessons at a rate you can sustain.

  • For Genki set a weekly quota of so many pages per week. This will ensure consistent progress at a rate you can sustain.

  • For WK set a target apprentice count and stop doing lessons when the target is exceeded. 100 is a frequently quoted target but don’t be afraid to lower this number if you are short on time.

  • For Bunpro you need to regulate the lessons as well. I am not sure of how to proceed. Perhaps you should set a target on daily reviews and stop doing lessons when it is exceeded. I don’t know what would be a good target though.


Hello Crmsnprincess89, don’t feel you’re ‘nowhere near the point of reading’ as there is material out there you can try without tearing your hair out. I read this today 花と色 – にほんごたどく and although it’s super simple it’s given me a lot of confidence to be able to do it (my first book haha). There are many more titles if flowers aren’t your thing, and if you’ve been doing Bunpro and Genki (I haven’t) then I’m sure you can manage higher levels than starting at zero like me! You’ll see kanji you recognise and I’m sure it will help keep them in your mind. And there’s no pressure if you’ve forgotten them, because no one’s giving you a score. I actually enjoyed it a lot, I feel motivated to read some more.
(Ok so being pleased with my first steps is somewhat driving my reply. But I just want to say to you - there are encouraging things you can read now) :slight_smile: But regrettably no advice on how to divide time between WK/BP/G (so I will be listening closely…)


You will reinforce your memory of kanji you commonly see during immersion. You don’t need memory of kanji you don’t see during immersion. Problem solved :slight_smile:


Personally, whenever I find myself looking up a kanji/word several times that I’ve already burnt, or don’t even remember ever learning it on here, I resurrect it. That method really took the pressure off burning items I only vaguely remember for me.

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