Call 911, this is (a) review(s) emergency!

So because of the current confinement in my country (France), I had more time to do a lot of stuff, but I didn’t work on my japanese at all for some obscure reasons.

As you can see I now have 911 reviews to do. (and 44 lessons)

Now I decide to put it back to 0/0 starting right now!

I’ll use this thread for myself to motivates myself to get back to it, and also to measure how long it did take me to go back on track.

Cheers and never give up! (for too long)


Good luck! :sparkles: Ganbatte! :sparkles:

I also kind of... has an emergency

ehehe :see_no_evil:


Decided to go in 30min session to not feel overwhelmed (also I calculate that it would take me at the very least 7-8h which I don’t want to do in one sitting).

First session: 58% ouch, I as more used to 90+% before, this hurts but this humbles me too as I have to not do that again to retain more stuff.


WOAH that’s a lot of reviews hhh
Good luck! I believe in you! You can do it!


Me trying to catch up:



Did 100 more before going to bed, still awful ratio, but at least, less failed Enlightened.


Hey, your ratio’s better than my average.

yeah, might want to work on that :sweat_smile:


You can do it @CvxFous! I believe in your ability to conquer this mountain of reviews!

keep chugging along and 911 will eventually turn to 0…


Well, this is a dirty trick but I see no other way…
Just do 2 lessons. After that you will discover the answer of the most important question. Then you can easily do your reviews.
Good luck.

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Hi CvxFous,

Ha ha 911 c’est bien un cas d’urgence!

It took me a long long time to crawl back up when I let my reviews go to well over 1000, because I don’t have too much time to spend on long sessions, but even a little at a time it can be done so if you have plenty of time you can do it more quickly. Three months !! later I’m back on track and remotivated - got down to 0 reviews for the first time yesterday. I’m just ignoring the lessons for now; when I get the Apprentice items down to 90 or so, I’ll crack on with some new stuff. So I imagine that you’ve got this situation under control - as long as you spend your whole life on it for a few days (remember to eat and sleep) the problem will start to melt away! Enjoy.

By the way your English is brilliant too xxx


I had around 1100 I think when I decided to conquer them all. I recommend doing 200-300 per day with a goal of completion within one week. You got this!


I got down to zero reviews/zero lessons yesterday. Had about 600 reviews and 80 lessons to conquer and it took me about a week to get back into things. You can do this!
Imagine to get back into your former study routine… it will feel awesome.


Well i am failing the reviews anyways. I usually try to read the mnemonics again. Maybe some will call it cheating and maybe it is. But if i am truly bad at this one item. It will come back down. If not then i will remember it and will save a lot of time.

Whoa I didnt know the review picture was different above 1000 :0

The one for lessons above 500 is very overwhelming btw


How’s it going on the reviews front? :eyes: Do I have to catch up again? :caught_durtling:


Haven’t done yet today, I’ll do 100-200 before going to bed.


Then I’ll do at least as many :+1:

Edit: Did 200 :durtle: :sparkles: Certainly bedtime time for a Redglare now :zzz:


Did only 40 before going to bed, but I did well enough this time!

I’m also working on my video game and preparing to move out in a different city (while still being confined, to add a bit of difficulty), so I try to add japanese in between, but I guess it’ll be easier afterwards!


Got a few more (60-ish?) two days ago, now i’m back to 913 :sob: I’m going to give the most i can in one go!


Keep going! Ultimately it doesn’t matter as long as you get back to doing as many reviews as you can in a day. If that’s not getting you down to zero, just keep plugging away and things will come round again often enough that eventually you will remember them! For me it helped to go right back to basics with some of them, re-memorise as if new, and also work a bit on putting in some mnemonics of my own. Just writing a mnemonic can help to implant a memory!