BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Completed

To start to figure out how our speed is working for us, I have two polls below. One for those who’ve already finished reading chapter 1 (and prologue), and one for those that haven’t. Please answer as soon as possible. Even if you think you’ll finish the reading tomorrow, do answer the not having finished poll right now.

If you finish the reading and the polls are still open, feel free to vote in the having read poll too.

This is to give me an idea of how much effort this have been for people, while also acknowledging that our weeks are variable and sometimes work/holidays/stuff got busy, and sometimes they don’t. Pick the option that best fits, and if you truly feel like no option does, please comment below and let me know what is missing. I’ll adjust the options going forward.

We’ll be doing a lot of these polls to figure out how much time to give each chapter/part. So bear with me, and do the poll clicking please. :blush:

Finished reading chapter 1: How did reading one chapter over two weeks feel?
  • Too much time left over (had plenty of reading time left that could have been used to read more)
  • A little time left over (a little faster wouldn’t be a problem at all)
  • Just right
  • A tiny bit less than wanted (spent more time reading than is usually available)
  • A lot less than wanted (spent a lot of more time reading than is usually available)

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Not finished reading chapter 1 yet: How is it going?
  • I think I can finish on Thursday or there about
  • I will be behind on Friday, but I think I can catch up during the chapter 2 reading
  • I will be behind on Friday, and I don’t think I can catch up, please comment below with more information
  • I have no idea

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