BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Completed

Chapter 4 is here. Observe that while there are no choices in this chapter, I did leave info on how to tell which route you are on where choices usually go in the post.

Once again, I want to know people’s thoughts on how much time was needed to read chapter 3. Since the poll came up only today, I’ll keep it active over the weekend and maybe a couple of days more.

How did reading chapter two over two weeks feel?
  • I can handle a faster pace
  • Just right, or close enough
  • I had to work really hard to finish reading in time
  • I didn’t finish in time
  • I’m still behind since earlier
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I added an option for those who were already behind before we started this chapter.

Also, in about a week, I will poll you guys for how the pace is going for you. If we should have an extra week/break before getting into Limbo’s path. I understand chapter 3 felt a bit longer. Who knows, maybe chapter 4 is too.

Actually, for those who tend to read more quickly, do let me know if chapter 4 feels longer or not. I feel like most people thought the pace for chapter 1 and 2 worked well, so if chapter 4 also is longer than those, then adding another week here should help people.

Let me know what you guys think, if nothing else I will be back with a poll about it before chapter 4 ends in two weeks.