Burnt but not dead

It’s the winter season here and according to Eastern Medical concepts (as in five elements traditional Chinese medicine or TCM) people that have not accumulated enough energy (Qi) and stored it will most likely die during this period right before Spring if they are already feeble or in poor health. It’s quite easy to verify this with modern day statistical methods - as in, we have the epidemiological data. So while the number of deaths in my family (non-traditional definition that of course includes blood relatives) in the last 2 months has been overwhelming, it’s not entirely unexpected. Plus, we’ve had some beautiful babies! Dogs, too! Not muchtime of late to do my kanji but realizing I have a pretty desperate need to also learn Chinese readings of kanji. No WaniKani for Chinese yet? Any suggestions for learning aids? So I dashed onto WK to at least give myself five minutes - yes, stress does addle the brain - and wow. First turtle burnt! Like a forest or prairie burnt out I hope time will produce amazing new growth without too much loss. But learning kanji andf the history behind it is an amazing way to feel connected at all times to life and tens of thousands of seasons that our ancestors lived before us.


I think we need more punctuation up in this post.
I’m having trouble picking up your signal FFke.


Congratulations on your first burn!



Very sorry for your losses but as you say let’s hope it turns to New Growth!
For learning aids have you tried the app LingoDeer? They have both Japanese and Mandarin, as well as Korean.


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Thank You! I didn’t think of that. I really like their Japanese. Duolingo for Chinese? Not so much. I thought someone here once asked if a Mandarain WaniKani would be useful?

Don’t quite understand what you’re saying.

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