Burning 犭brain warp, aka should this be possible?

I just burned 犭, the animal radical. I got it right because it looks like an animal, and I sorta knew it from other Kanji outside of Wanikani. But I have no memory of ever encountering the radical on here before, and upon looking, I’ve never encountered a Kanji that uses it. Why is that? I knew it from cat, but I haven’t learned cat on here yet. Just seems weird.

Has anyone else ever burned something they have no memory of ever learning?

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I’m sorry but you’ve lost your mind.


Maybe I should see a doctor

what puzzles me the most is how you managed to burn a level 6 item on level 14. Other than that, radicals aren’t that useful for me, so it should be fine. Forgetting radicals won’t decrease your vocabulary.

It’s fine to burn it, since you got it right on the first try. You don’t need to remember why you know something.
Plus, 猫 is coming on level 15, which may reactivate your memory.


I’m convinced I just moved into a parallel Universe where Wanikani is ever so slightly different.


You can burn a level 6 item on level 6 if you go slowly enough.


Not that I can remember. But maybe I usually figure I must have seen it before and accept it.

also maybe the animal radical got moved around? Maybe it used to be in a lower level before the overhaul?

What about 家?

that one uses the pig radical

Doesn’t… but… are you-



I mean, I’ve 100% known words I swear I’ve never encountered before, so who knows. :sweat_smile:

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