Burned System is flawed


Not if the reviews on burnt items are timed in a way that you won’t have one before you burn all items (assuming you go at decent speed). For example the first burnt reviews could be every 12 months…


Sadly this doesn’t achieve what the OP (or even myself) is after, as it forces you to reset items all the way back to apprentice level, which is generally completely unnecessary and a huge waste of time. What we would like to see is just a normal SRS, that would knock down 1 or two SRS level ‘burnt’ items that weren’t that burnt after all.


Once you have burned an item, you can retire it again at any time. So yes, the item will get moved back to apprentice, but once you feel like you really know it, you don’t have to wait 6 months for it to disappear from your review queue. Just resurrect and retire as needed.


Burned items popping up every 4 months would ensure that the workload spirals completely out of control and frustrate users to the point of giving up. Speaking personally, I would have tossed this whole thing into the trash long ago and just plain given up.

I lament forgetting stuff all the time, but I also long for the first day where I call myself “done with WaniKani forever”.

At some point the world must become your SRS system.


I agree, every 4 months is a bit too often, but in the end there should just be an option and everyone could do whatever they see fit. Many people like the current system and could just leave this option disabled, or put a “0” inside, other people would like to be tested on burnt items every x months (I would put something like 12-18, for example) and should be able to do so. I can’t understand why some people seem to eager to force upon others the study method that they believe works for themselves. We are all different and learn in different ways and at different speeds. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. I am very glad that the current system works for some of you, but how is this an argument for saying that there shouldn’t be an option to change its behaviour for people that don’t find this system effective?


Same here. :slight_smile:


Or you could have selected a longer interval, or no interval at all and leave them burnt forever :wink:


I’ll repeat what some others have said / quoted me saying: I’d love to kick higher level people off WaniKani and get you reading. We have some plans to help you with this, but I’d recommend not waiting on us and just go out and start reading. Consistency in doing (at least) a little reading every day is most important if you want to see progress and lifetime burns for vocab / kanji.


Definitely makes sense.

I’m still early on with learning Japanese but one thing I know about learning in general is putting your knowledge into use. I can study the quadratic formula all day but it’s not until I put it into use many times I really remember it.
So reading, writing, speaking and listening are probably (i think) the most important part to learning Japanese.


Dump all the Kanji into Anki and set yearly intervals!!

But why? Someday you have to start using Japanese or you are not learning Japanese…your just learning an english definition of a bunch of characters.