Bunpro? Thoughts?

Hello. Welcome to me first ever topic!

So, just before Decembers JLPT I used Bunpro’s free trail to help me revise for the test. I’m thinking of adding Bunpro to my arsenal. Has anyone used Bunpro long term? Any tips, tricks or advice?

I have used it and still do use it. I think it’s a very effective tool! It definitely helps me remember the grammar when I do it. I would still implement it with another grammar tool such as a book so it gives a clear path of where to go. That being said it’s still a valuable tool by itself as it gives other reading areas for each of the grammar points.

As you have complete control of how it works, don’t learn too much grammar in one day. I used to learn 3-5 grammar points a day and that was good for me.

A bunch of us here like Bunpro and im sure you’ll find quite a few topics about it.

Best advice is to be careful with the pacing, its very easy to take on too many lessons and overwhelm yourself, especially if youre doing a varied studying routine with WK and other things on top.
Im currently only doing 4 new lessons a week, but i also have a huge backlog atm from taking a break since summer.

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