Bungou Stray Dogs - miscellaneous discussion

This is where I started buying all the FE games so no prob with me. It’s always hard to go back to old version of games you like.

I never tried to. I play with my brother and cousin so I’m good. The only reason I go on these forum is for help in certain part or to optimise some characters.


@Aislin since the advance book club will be reading 人間失格 I decided to buy it as a physical copy because it such an important book for Japanese litterary culture. I thought that if I was gonna import book I might as well take a few of them. I wanted your opinion on which one would be good since you read them too.
I thought about one Aktugawa, but no ideas for the rest. Any idea on Bungou character book? I thought maybe I could read the book from where their power comes from first since it’s probably their best work.
Anime and manga are really strong. They make me read Japanese classic that I would have never wanted to read before. Ha ha

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Hmmm. The main problem is, for many of these authors their best work was short stories, and I have no idea how the short stories are bundled in the Japanese editions.

For Tanizaki, 痴人の愛 is the obvious choice. (Although I also adore 卍, 鍵 and 瘋癲老人日記.)

The rest… I can only list short stories :confused: And in many cases, I don’t even know the original titles of the short stories that I read, because the original titles weren’t listed in the translated editions. So it would require some back-translating.

I think the ones that got BSD covers might be some lead (there’s even Q!):

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I see that Ranpo got only one book in BSD covers collection and that it doesn’t have 屋根裏の散歩者 and 芋虫, and these were his best works in my opinion so far. (Also, it gets you a glimpse of different Ranpo’s styles - 屋根裏の散歩者 is a detective story, 芋虫 is an erotic gore.)

And there’s no Ango there at all, and I guess 桜の森の満開の下 was okay as a sample (even if I’m not sure my interpretation of the themes is correct :laughing:), especially since his Ability is named after his non-fiction essay.

But I think going after stories related to their Abilities is generally a good idea. In Atsushi’s case, his 山月記 is the only thing I remember the plot of :smiley:

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Thanks for the recommendation.

Not sure what to think about that…

I will look into it. I forgot about Atsushi but I would probably try it.

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In case you were interested I took:

-人間失格 of course for the book club
-堕落論 from 坂口安吾 the story seemed good
-屋根裏の散歩者 but my version contain [二銭銅貨」「D坂の殺人事件」「人間椅子」as bonus stories
-山月記 on your recommendation
-痴人の愛 on your recommendation

I hope I will like them cause I normally never like old books. I got sold because of Bangou Stray dog. I did like all the stories I heard from other Bangou stray dogs writers so… we will see.
I can’t wait to read them and share my impression with you(On the one you already read)

Big Tanizaki fan?

Btw will you read 人間失格 with the book club? I think you said no for now but since it’s in a book club maybe it changed.
Also Btw, I want to specify… I bought them all in Japanese because I want the original text. I WANT THAT PAIN OF READING OLD BOOK IN JAPANESE. Sorry got ahead of myself there. I wasn’t able to get all the Bungou cover but that’s okay. I wanted to get them on paper because I feel that classic book deserves that treatment. Classic must be read on paper. A more expensive way of thinking.

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Well, I also collect BSD-authors books on paper, but that’s because I like having a “series” in the same format, and some of translations I was hunting didn’t get an ebook version, because for example they were only released 50 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:
(Fun fact: Polish translations from 40-50 years ago are usually in better shape than the ones released in the 90s, because when communism ended, many new publishing houses suddenly appeared, and nobody knew what they are doing. As a result, the quality of books was usually very poor.
Edit: But it’s fine now! They just had to gain experience :sweat_smile:)

No problem, as long as you don’t push it on me :grin: Also I admire you for trying, you know! :blush: I don’t want to go there yet, but I think it’s awesome you’re doing it.

I think he’s the best author of all the BSD characters :smiley: Dazai and Ranpo are also fine, and the rest I mostly read for references.

I’m waiting for it!

I won’t but I’m gonna trivia them :smiley: I even already got permission to do that :laughing: I’m going to read The Saga of Dazai Osamu by Phyllis I. Lyons in parallel and share the best bits each week.

Aww, how you could forget about Atsushi! #freeAtsushi

Well, it is also an old fiction, so it’s not that extreme :wink: I just wanted to show examples of how different Ranpo can be. But even if you didn’t pick it, I see you got the next best thing, 人間椅子 :heart: it isn’t as extreme as 芋虫, but it also got an unsettling erotic vibe, so you still got “variety” part covered :laughing:
Random: Polish collection of Ranpo’s short stories actually got 芋虫 as a title for a whole volume (there’s kanji on the cover as a proof :laughing:)


btw, I have doubts if I didn’t oversell 芋虫 as erotic gore, but then I read about the Polish cover (publisher offers English translation of the product description):

Similarly to our previous books, we have decided to collaborate with Japanese artist for the cover art. Our choice seemed very natural: Suehiro Maruo, the acclaimed manga artist and painter with his own distinctive style often described as eroguro (erotic grotesque). Suehiro Maruo made his own comics based on Edogawa’s prose – one shot from his version of Gąsienica [ The Caterpillar ] graces our book cover.
source: Gąsienica | Ranpo Edogawa | Tajfuny

Edit: Anyway, yes, I was curious about what you picked, so thanks for sharing!

So you got an essay after all?

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That’s a funny fact

Don’t worry. Reader old book in the original language will probably be hard but it’s just me wanting the original text. I might be too greedy though.

I see. Good to know

I still have lots of other book that I haven’t finished reading so I don’t know in when I will be reading them. Probably since they are in Japanese I will be reading one then maybe take a break with an easier one. I will see. It might take them. The first one will obvously be 人間失格 with the book club

Do it!

Let me add that to my list. Tell me if it’s worth it after you finishes reading it please.

Yeah, that’s why I bought his book for redemption. #freeAtsushi

I see.

Good to know the bonus story is good.

Is it? I was just interested in the premise + there was a Bangou Stray Dog cover. I was sure it was a book.

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Welp, I even said above that he doesn’t have his cover, because I didn’t recognize him without his glasses. :laughing: It’s a famous essay, thought, so it still can be interesting!

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I got the goods early !!!

Sadly I did not get all the bangou cover but no matter. The Edogawa Ranpo one is bulky with over 700 pages.
I won’t get bored ha ha

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Wow, it was indeed quite fast :eyes:

Well, BSD covers are more colorful :stuck_out_tongue: The others look more serious, although Dazai got colors too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Ranpo looks very intimidating :smiley:

Does 山月記 only contain 山月記, or are there also other Nakajima’s stories in there?

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Seems like there is more.

This one is also kinda chunky with its +300 pages

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