Breaking down a page of Japanese

I guess you could do that, but then you might want to consider what the equivalent of the ‘main noun’ would be for those adverbial phrases. I personally think what we’re seeing with ため is similar to the 副詞的に用いて usage for 結果 mentioned by @seanblue:

As such, I would tend to treat this as a noun phrase with an adverbial meaning. However, I suppose you could mark these phrases based on their function rather than on their form, in which case you could do something like identifying what gives it an adverbial character and noting how that’s modified by everything else.


I think I am done with this page of コンビニ人間, so I put the final version up in the first post. I thought I’d do the longest noun phrase (inspired by @Belthazar) of this one before moving on to 本好きの下克上 (which will not defeat me!!).


  1. Everything from the beginning of the sentence through 流れてくる
    modifies 音, as does カラララ、という and 小さい.
  2. 売り場の modifies ペットボトル.
  3. 奥にある modifies ペットボトル.

Doing this, I learned that onomatopoeia words are often adverbs, but in this case I think it’s just a sound, so I used pink for onomatopoeia. I also thought more about what numbers are than I ever have before, lol, but I went with noun because that it is what the main meaning of 一つ was labeled as in the Japanese definitions I saw. という and 代わりに are both expressions, but I’m not really marking expressions, so I broke them down. I googled and found Tae Kim saying that いう in this sort of situation is being used as a generic verb, so I went with it.

I still welcome feedback on コンビニ人間, but now, on to 本好きの下克上!

What I'll be working on


The rules changed at work–one day a manager said, “Oh yeah, that’s totally fine,” and the next a different manager opined, “Oh no, definitely not.” I guess the clipboard wasn’t official enough.

I could do it at other times, but every other time in my day I can do it, I can also read, and reading wins. Pausing on parsing the first page of 本好きの下克上 in order to read books is at least very 本好きの下克上っぽい of me.

Speaking of, @seanblue, I hope it’s okay to ask you here, but were you also trying to read 本好き slowly enough not to catch up to publication (before it’s completed)? If so, could I ask what you’ve figured out about timing that?


That is my goal, yeah. My estimates are very shaky, mostly because when I asked @Naphthalene how many volumes are left to be published based on the completed web series, they said something like “between 30 and 35 volumes”. Since generally four volumes are published per year, an extra five volumes would add 15 months until the series is completed, which is quite the increase. Book 26 came out in April 2021. That means the series may be finished roughly sometime between April 2022 and July 2023.

Here’s more information about my estimates for how long it would take me to catch up. Just keep in mind that this all assumes that I read this series without breaks and that I always read at my current pace (about three weeks per volume), both of which are very unlikely. Right now my only immediate goal is to finish the third arc this year, which is volumes 8-12 (I’ve read volume 8 already). This is very likely since it’s only June and that’s about three months of reading for me. It’s also fairly likely I’ll dip into the fourth arc, depending on how much time I spend reading other series.


Thank you so much! Very helpful information. :+1:

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This was actually pretty interesting to see. I don’t plan to do this myself, but I like what you did!


You’re welcome! By the way, I don’t think you’re following me on Bookmeter! Here’s a link in case you’re interested: seanblue - 読書メーター (and if you’re not, no worries!)

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@deejayyp Thank you!

@seanblue Yes, I was following you and have you bookmarked to follow again! I had established a rule of (usually temporarily) unfollowing people who are 1. reading 本好き and 2. ahead of me, because the covers can be so spoilery. Thus I have unfollowed several people, and after Naph finished I refollowed them and then remembered the hard way that they will of course read the published ones as they come out… anyway, if I ever get ahead of you, I will refollow again. :smiley: Or if I just suddenly just get less twitchy. Luckily both you and Naph post updates fairly frequently in the 多読 thread. :black_heart:


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