Bravefoot’s Study Journal

I’m glad to see you again, I was wondering where you’d hidden yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much! September-December were crazy times. Bad things kept happening one after the other, but now it’s settled down a bit, so I feel more comfortable to start WK again =D

It’s called CollaNote! I downloaded it for my Uni because I wanted to reduce the amount of paper I use when taking notes, but now I use it more for my Japanese :rofl:


Thanks for sharing your notes. It looks really good, I think. Is it possible to change orientation of the paper in that app? Then you can even learn how to write essays writing top-down :slight_smile: (… there are couple of rules with spaces and stuff when writing top-down.)


If you like, I have some minor remarks. Feel free to ignore them or double check with another durtle or Japanese native if possible as I am only a Japanese learner myself :slight_smile:

First sentence: proposal:

  • either: 日本で寿司を食べたい
  • or: 日本に寿司を食べに行きたい

The second sentence sounds pretty strong. In a conversation I’d definitively be curious why you are prohibited to go there the next day. → Do you know about koto ga dekiru ? Maybe you can say something like:

  • 明日とても忙しいから、行くことができない。

Also in the next sentence you used an indicator for future (asatte) and past tense together. Unfortunately you can’t do that in Japanese. You have to use present tense here :slight_smile:

Oh, and do you know about the “sentence a day challenge” we have here in the forums? You can join there if you like. Durtles also give feedback if you ask for it.

welcome back :slight_smile:

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