Brain has left the chat

Do you guys sometimes have days where your brain has just stopped working… for example this evening a little tired, i got 35%… kanji that for the last week i’ve had no problem with have just vanished and I’m taking my time etc.

Some days 90~100% other days… 30-50%


I get that a lot especially when I’m tired, stressed or both. In fact, today is one of those days. What sometimes works for me is to force myself to be more mindful of my reviews. Usually, I’m impatient and want to get the session done without being mentally prepared. That’s just the way it is for some of us, I guess. Stay hydrated and get lots of sleep. If that doesn’t work, tomorrow is always a new day. :sparkles:


I don’t think it ever got down to 35%, but yeah, that happens to me.

If I see that I cannot remember anything, I just stop doing reviews for that moment, find a quiet, secluded place where I can focus, have a quick look at the materials before doing reviews… and it’s better, sometimes a lot better, sometimes just marginally.

A quiet spot where you can focus can work wonders.


It happens to me as well. Even with kanji that I’m very familiar with and can read accurately in the wild. I don’t know if it’s usually because I’m tired or what. But that’s why I have the ignore script. Because if I can forget how to spell simple words like ‘maybe’ and suddenly forget what another word for incongruent is (hint: the word you’re looking for is ‘different,’ Brain) in my own native language I’m going to have the odd off day or two in a second language and should be kind to myself on those days.


Yeah definately. If i’m not concentrating i’ll get a lot of things wrogn for silly mistakes like not actually reading the kanji properly, getting it wrong, actually look at it then realising i’m a careless idiot.

Well at least i have another 2 days to reflect on the mistake because missing that kanji means no guru / no level up…sometimes.


Thank you!
Yesterday i had such a day again… sometimes it also happens that get the kanji wrong, check the right meaning/writing and some seconds later it appears again and i forgot it again and im like wtf…
Its nice to know that others have those bad brain days too :smiley:


Happens to me all the time… Especially when I get a lot of reviews at the same time (100+), my brain just goes on auto mode and stops thinking. My accuracy drops by 10-20% (never really as bad as 35%, but it did drop to 50-70%). I just take it as extra opportunities to review those next time. (:

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Ha ha. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

This easily happens to me a couple times a week. Though I’ve noticed, if I ever take a total break from WK for a couple weeks or something and come back, I don’t have this issue for the first couple weeks after I return.

I’d always just assumed it was my brain’s way of saying it couldn’t really process anymore, not that I really listen to it. Much… :grin:

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I can relate to that:)
My brain also doing some wonders, like getting the hardest Kanji right and the easiest wrong.
I didn’t stress much about it much though. It’s getting more interesting as I level up each time.
I don’t want to think what I’ll feel if I get an Enlightened item wrong after 4 months of waiting.
My first items are halfway there:)


I’m still early on but I relate. I currently have a high critical list where I usually have 5 or 6 on there only! Why brain, why!? :brain:

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