Brain fart with anger issues

Hi! I currently hit Level 5 and I’ve never been this bad with my reviews (in terms of correctness).
I get so confused with the vocabulary that most of it comes out wrong and then, when it’s time for the big reviews from the previous levels my mind is just blank and I am forgetting the words that I know I know which of course leads to a downgrading. It just makes me so angry because I know those words!!
So what I am basically asking is, how do you get over the anger and the constant Brain farts??


Let the SRS do it’s thing. :wink:

Missing a review item isn’t bad, it just means you haven’t quite internalized the meaning yet. It may be a bit frustrating when you feel like you’re almost there, but just review over the items for 10-15 seconds each at the end of the review and move on.

I’ll sometimes intentionally fail an item if I don’t immediately remember it just so it will come around again for reinforcement.


As I don’t know what your current pace is, I’m not sure if this’ll help, but perhaps you’re doing too many lessons at once, and/or trying to do too many reviews at once? Either way, I would suggest slowing down the pace/amount of lessons/reviews you do in one sitting. It’ll help your brain absorb things better without getting overloaded with information.

Even if the contents seem easy enough to learn or memorize at first, if there’s a lot of it, and then it all comes back in a huge bundle later, brain’s gonna be like :exploding_head: because it’s being forced to recall too much at once.


I never thought about intentionally failing an item but maybe I should start doing that when it takes me way to long to remember!!

Move on and be kind to your brain.

Also good, enough sleep. Good sleep = good memory or so they say

In all seriousness, you’re still at early levels. Later, you will know your pace and the limit of lessons you know you can learn day by day. Don’t force all lessons at once, because it can be really overwhelming.

Also, it may be better to follow the SRS timing. When I learn a batch of kanji and vocab, and then let the next 4 hour review pass to 5 or 6 hours, I tend to forget most of them. But if I do reviews exactly in the 4th hour, I can have correct percentage of about higher than 80% or so. (Note that this is me, so I cannot vouch for how your brain works haha) I think the SRS timing is extremely important for Apprentice level items since you’re brain still needs to process your mnemonics.

As for anger issues, yeah, just move on…


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