Box of Manga!

Got my Box o’ Manga last Friday, but forgot to post about it in all the excitement! I was super pleased to see that I got sent volume 3 of Silver Spoon, because I’ve been enjoying volume 1 a lot so far. I also got volumes 1-2 of Handa-kun and volume 1 of Assassination Classroom.

I am switching to a Beginner box next month. I think the manga I got so far are definitely appropriate for the Intermediate level, but I need to look up so much (agricultural lol) vocabulary that it’s not the best extensive reading. I’m hoping to tear through those Beginner manga next month! :grin:


Maybe someone guessed what epicness would be inside so they snitched it away!

Jokes aside, they also mentioned that if you don’t receive your package within 4 weeks you should Email them.

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I think i will need to. I messaged them on IG (which I may have mistaken as a customer service outlet) and basically got “:man_shrugging: