Boring question: at what level does 合 kanji appear?

So I have learnt the 合 (suit) radical, and 合 has started appearing in the example sentences for vocab, but there is no sign of the 合 kanji. I’ve looked in the kanji lists and can’t see it anywhere, and it seems pretty simple so I assumed it would be on an early level. Can anyone recall at what level they learnt this kanji?

You can just copy and paste the Kanji into the search bar and find out what level it’s unlocked at.


At level 12.
Btw, as @ sinkiepwnsinkie さん has pointed out, you can check it yourself:




Thank you both! I had no idea I could search like that :sweat_smile:


It feels a bit weird when sometimes you learn them out of order, with the kanji following several lessons later… however I love it as it’s really easy to pick up by then :smiley:

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