Bootstrapping grammar?

When you’re listening,

  1. Can you pick out individual words and phrases yet?
  2. Have you learnt to ignore all the filler yet?

Listening is going to a garbled mess until you get those down, no matter how many word/much grammar you know.

In short, yes. Pick some anime you like, maybe ones you’ve watched a couple of times, and watch them without subtitles. Then you don’t have to worry about the not understanding bit.

For reading, you probably need more vocab/kanji or it’s going to be really frustrating. There’s no harm in having a go as long as you keep your expectations in check and your prepared to give up until later though. If you can get parallel readers then those are at first, otherwise check out:

Learning the stuff in the abstract is good and all, but it’s never going to click unless you’re getting exposure to native content.

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