Book Recommendation for N3 Practice

I’ve been using Tobira for the past month or so to go through the N3 grammar and vocab I am missing. I like how Tobira explains the grammar and the dialogues. I don’t like the open-ended exercises they have though. I study on my own so it’s not super helpful in most cases.

Does anyone recommend a more straightforward book with exercises that just give you VERB X and ask you to do something with it?

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Not a book but do you want something like this?

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Thanks for the link!

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If the only thing keeping you from these is the lack of corrections, on you can post what you write and exchange corrections with native speakers and it’s really helpful!

Minna no Nihongo is pretty straightforward, though not exactly たべます (past), but as close as you can get without, and using it with sentences.

By that I mean they’re technically open-ended questions, but they only have one correct answer usually. Based on the examples.

Did not know about langcorrect. Makes me think of the old “lang-8”. Might be good to use in the future but now I am just trying to be more practical. Meaning, study grammar topic; do a bunch of exercises to cement that; move on to the next :smiley:

Thanks for the rec as well, Pembo. That one might give me good practice with those pesky causative and passive forms.

This also has a ton of quizzes.

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This looks really useful!

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Do you know how to report mistakes? I tried a couple of the N5 vocab and kanji quizzes and I’m afraid some of the answers are wrong!

Also the kanji N4 has mistakes :hushed:

Like what did you find?

JLPT N5 – Vocabulary Exercise 01

  1. やまださんはあかいぼうしを _______ います。
  2. きて
  3. しめて
  4. はいって
  5. かぶって

I wrote 5 but the answer says 4

JLPT N5 – Vocabulary Exercise 02

  1. わたしはゆうべともだちに _______ をかきました。

I wrote answer 5 and the answer key says it’s 4

  1. わたしのうちにねこが _______ います。

I wrote 5 the key says 4

As I was writing this I realized THERE IS NO FIVE lmao… ignore me it’s Friday and im dead :skull:
(Im not erasing it just to give you a laugh)


I was gonna ask… :sweat_smile:

Are you ok?

But yeah, first’s かぶって.

Second’s てがみ.

And third’s にひき.

This makes it seem like all the answers are 4, but I imagine the other ones you didn’t have an issue witn were the ones that weren’t.

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I don’t think so, I needed sleep, I’m okay now

Exactly, and when I went to check the kanji tests it was the same, all the answers 4 in my mind were supposed to be 5 :laughing: … oof how embarrassing!

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