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Hi I started reading the 0 level books on I can read the Hiragana but I don’t understand what it actually means except for a few words. Does anyone have the same issue or has any advice?


Read more & add important words to an SRS (like Anki). You can look up words & grammar points (even entire sentences) you don’t know on sites like and It’s hard in the beginning, but the more you read the easier it will get.



A beginner textbook might be a good idea then :slight_smile:


Learning basic grammar with a textbook or an app (like Lingodeer or Human Japanese ) will teach you all the grammar and vocabulary you’ll need for level 0 (and 1 and 2) graded readers, so you’ll be able to learn new words from the context and you won’t have to use dictionaries and grammar references since that’s the whole point of beginners textbooks/apps it’s a one-stop shop of curated material tailored for your level.


I have been going through genki text book on to chapter 3 and the tae Kim’s guide to grammar as well


I’ll check out the app. If I already know the word I can read it and understand it with our issue as I am already familiar with it.
It’s when I don’t know what they mean I can still read it but don’t know what it means. It also advises not to look up words but if you suggest to do so I will thanks

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I use genki and tae Kim’s guide


I have been doing that when I’m trying to write sentences as am still not sure how to do them on my own. I use DeepL write what I want in English use the translation in the dictionary’s to make sure what I want to say is correct as for now this is my only way I can communicate.

That’s great! Once you finish Genki 1 + 2 and Tae Kim’s guide, you will have a good foundation to build on. You can then proceed to an intermediate textbook or continue reading and leverage Anki to help you remember vocabulary and online grammar resources like jlptsensei to understand how different grammar patterns are used in context.

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it just takes time- when I started over a year ago, I had a monthly Hana to Yume subscription and all I could basically do was practice my hiragana and katakana memorization and pick out some basic words like りんご、もちろん、うん… and that was mostly it. Lots of dictionary look ups as well. It’s hard to parse the sentences when you don’t know a large amount of vocabulary and kanji. Still, you push through continuously and it gets easier and easier- and by the time you make it to level 60 you’ll be happy you started the reading practice now as opposed to just starting to read at 60.


Reading is tricky but it’s hard to know what you’re having trouble with without examples.

So, you could say what book you’re trying to read, and what bits you don’t understand, and I’m sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

Generally, you shouldn’t need to know very much at all for a level zero book on tadoku, but there is a bit of a cliff edge of understanding that you need to scale at the very beginning. Also, I know they say not to look things up, but I’d ignore that.


What is Hana to yume? Do you recommend it?

Hana to yume is a shojo magazine that published works like kamisama kiss, fruits basket, Gakuen Alice, etc. I recommend it if you like shojo but it is pretty hard reading material for a beginner but that’s what I cut my teeth on