Book ordering question

I know alphabetical ordering in Japanese goes from あ to ん but I was wondering about which way the books should be sorted. Left to Right or Right to Left?

I always kind of assumed that because most Japanese books are read from right to left, that the order of the books would be right to left as well, unlike our system which is left to right. However I can’t really find anything that says this is the case online.

Am I supposed to order my books from left to right? Is it the same everywhere in the world?


Japanese manga I have that has a picture that spans the spines goes left to right. For example, here’s the Jump Comics version of Dragon Ball as an example:


Aye, every Japanese bookshop I’ve ever walked into has the books ordered left to right.

Though to be fair, I’ve never entered one of those tiny dusty bookshops owned by a ninety-year-old granny filled only with books written prior to the Meiji Restoration…


They’re not ordered from left to right, they’re ordered from floor to ceiling!


That’s what my collection of はじめの一歩 volumes sure feels like! :sweat_smile:


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