Book: 自転車ものがたり

In the station in the city I’m temporarily working in is a library. I popped into the kid’s section and grabbed the first book I saw to practice reading last time I was here. I’m sure the image was a bit humorous of a full grown adult in a suit sitting at the low wooden table in the tiny wooden kiddie chair reading a kids book but I didn’t mind. 自転車ものがたり was the book I saw. It’s a bit interesting. It’s not too easy but it’s not a punishing read either. Anyone else read it? If not, I recommend it for practice.

I just got back here the day before yesterday and stopped in for another read. The book I picked up was 世界のまんなかの島 ~わたしのオラーニ~ and it definitely was tougher to read than the other one. Still it was pretty comprehensible.

I’m going for about one a night.


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