Bonus technical/work-related levels?

Would the WK team consider offering a few bonus levels for working stiffs?

I work in automotive, and a car parts level would be most excellent. I imagine these could be unlocked around level 40 and be bonus, sideline levels.

My suggestions for topics would be industries that are well-represented in Japan, such as automotive, electronics, video games, economics, general business, finance, etc. I imagine you could devote and entire vocab level to Toyota Production System. That is a bit dur, but it would be awesome for me!

Thank you.


At a certain point you just gotta go learn vocab that would be useful to you. WaniKani can’t do everything. :slight_smile:


I imagine the majority of these vocabulary words would be in katakana.


I think potentially it is a little specialist - don’t think there would be enough people you want it for it to be worth the extra time maybe?

Maybe use anki as well and create your own deck?


I don’t think WK is the right place for learning more vocabs. But I’m all in for more levels that have more and more Kanjis, maybe even specialized ones.

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ガスタンク、フロントガラス、オルタネーター、ハンドル… not much kanji usage.

Ultimately WK is a kanji learning resource and vocabulary help reinforce that. I think for specialty areas (and likewise I work in automotive / pro auto racing) it’s a good opportunity to do self study.

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Wait, do we know each other outside of WK?

Thank you for the point about the カタカナ。

i think once you reach certain level、you will search specific technical terms source for your interest naturally〜

this dictionary is look promising、or this one is also good source for craving your needs of automobile terminology〜

yes、generally it was mostly derived english words、but i think knowing some of terms like 電装品、駆動、排気装置、is not hurt for OP who wants deeper their automobiles terminology〜

example ↑ just was a few common one im know〜

im not knowing so many automobiles terms though、since im work in art and illustration related so my familiarity mostly was art specific terms〜

good luck ♪


Who knows! Though I would say tire / vehicle dynamics in NASCAR is a pretty small niche…

Any LeMons? Yeah, racing is a small small world!

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