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When starting a new batch of lessons, the website leads me to the “Lessons summary” page which is either blank or contains the summary of the items that I have learnt in the previous lessons batch, isn’t this page supposed to show me the summary of the batch of lessons that I am about to start?

Today example (45 Lessons & blank lessons summary)

If this behavior is normal, could you please help me to figure out the role of this summary? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


It shows your last session of lessons, not what’s coming up.

As to why, I don’t know.


Showing them beforehand would kinda defeat the purpose of showing them one by one. Also, it works the same way as the review summary, which would be even more illogical like that.


I see, so this is a normal behavior. Thank you for your replies!

I know how this happens, you start a lesson (or review) session and just exit before completing any (a lesson or review respectively).

As others have said, it just shows your last session, and in a case like that, you wouldn’t have completed anything last session, hence it’s empty.

Edit: clarification

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