Blackmail 恐喝 context sentence doubt

The English translation of the context sentence of Blackmail looks a bit odd to me, is this correct?

The immoral front man is being blackmailed by the yakuza.

I’m not sure what a “front man” is exactly, but I think ダシ is 出し and rather means excuse or pretext here, so “Someone is being blackmailed by the yakuza using [the pretext of] adultery.”

What do you think?

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“pretext” makes more sense than “front man” to me. Plus I don’t see how 「不倫をダシ」 could be translated to “the immoral front man”.

You should probably email them and see if they can update the translation.

I’m not so great with passive sentences, am I right that this one doesn’t say who was blackmailed? Like Xはヤクザに恐喝された。

Anyway, just checking if I got it right, I’ll sent them a mail :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s no は or が, so it’s not specifying who got blackmailed. Just that the Yakuza did the blackmailing by marking them with に.

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