Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials @ Wanikani?

Hello WaniKani Team,
how about a Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday special price here on WaniKani??
Don’t miss out a great chance to reward your costumers and awesome opportunity to gain more popularity and subscribers!!

You’ll get discounts around the end of December. Probably smarter anyway, not to do it while everyone else is also competing for your money with Black Friday offers.

Earlier this year, Wanikani reduced their annual subscription from USD 100 to USD 89.

Monthly subscriptions were reduced from USD 10 to USD 9.

Since I have never participated in black Friday or cyber Monday before I’m not sure, but is it common for subscription based services (e.g., Amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) to offer permanent discounts due to a seasonal promotion? Because when I see threads like this come up, I’m confused about the expectations in place that spur these kind of questions. This is by no means a knock at the OP or anyone that has broached this question in the past, but a legitimate question that has crossed my mind regarding this.

Not sure about amazon/hulu and similar services but I do know Adobe usually does 20% off for Creative Cloud annual plans for black friday / cyber monday.

I want a discount on the Katakana vocab dlc pack

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