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Is anyone else listening to this podcast “Bits and Bobs Tokyo”? I’m trying to improve my listening to casual conversation skills and I’m obsessed with this podcast. It has short skits of a conversation and from what I can tell they are produced by authors and then acted out by popular Japanese actors. I use google to try and translate them as well as asking my Japanese friend for help. I’d love to share translations and discussion with anyone else who is interested!


I haven’t got anything Japanese related to add to this, except to say that I was very shocked for a moment seeing this title and thinking somebody was talking about the kids TV show my son watches :joy:


I looked at the website for the podcast ( but haven’t yet figured out where I can listen to it.

The live J-Wave streaming radio itself is apparently not available for listening in the US (although I haven’t yet tried using a VPN) so I’m wondering whether the podcast may also have such a limitation.

I listen to it either on Spotify or apple podcasts but the original is here:
Spinear puts out several podcasts in Japanese that I like.

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I haven’t really gotten into listening to podcasts of any type, let alone Japanese language ones.

I did listen to parts #1 and #2 of the March 3rd podcast (although out of order) - it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, rather it was more like a couple of radio plays or short stories (yes, you did mention short skits). Is that the format of all of the episodes, namely that they’re all exercises in creative writing (for the spoken word) and dramatic storytelling? It has me wondering who is the intended audience for these podcasts.

Even though I encountered many words that I did not know, I was able to understand a surprising amount of the dialog, and I think that I got the gist of both stories (for example, in #1, I think that she suddenly realized that no, in fact they were not actually ‘koibito’, and rather that the reason why the two of them were together in that place and situation was likely due to something sinister that had occurred previously and that resulted in the situation in which they found themselves).

The dialog goes by quickly - I understand that I should be able to change the playback speed, but attempting to listen at a normal speed is probably better for me, as far as challenging my listening comprehension abilities.

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This isn’t a dating advice podcast from India?


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