BishBashBosh: Cram Apprentice 1 items and recent failures

I’ve just been introduced to BishBashBosh by the wonderful @Radish8 here, and I have to say - it is brilliant! Utterly brilliant, just what I needed! Thank you so much for making this site!

My only snag - it seems I have to enter my API every time I use it, it doesn’t remember me between visits (or is that because I use privacy badger?). Anyway - this tool looks set to be a game changer for me… thank you so much for it @timh! :+1: :bowing_man:


Coming here to say what Michikusa has just written, that I was introduced to BBB this morning and I’m loving it (esp. the 'wooo’s).

@_Marcus I am not having that issue, so it may indeed be your privacy settings.


I just read this in the OP:

2019-07-31: “Privacy Badger” and similar extensions may cause problems, try disabling them for this site if it’s not working. I promise I’m not tracking anyone, I’m far too lazy.


This has been great for me as well. I’m not high in level but it has made a huge difference for getting the ones I was having trouble with (to this point i has been the counters that were giving me trouble).

Thank you so much for sharing your efforts with the community.


I’m back to say how much I love this! It’s great that you designed it to give you extra drills on stuff you get wrong during the session.

This feature has been much appreciated in the couple of weeks since I’ve been using it, and has me thinking WK should implement similar.

I also love that after getting something wrong, you get increasingly enthusiastic cheers as you get all the subsequent answers correct, which is a real morale booster - this site is not just useful, I genuinely enjoy using it.

It has really helped me to shift some leeches that I had built up after taking several weeks’ break a couple of months ago. Cheers! :star2:


Love BishBashBosh! Super helpful for helping to learn new items and problems items much more efficiently.

@timh Any chance you’ve opened the source on this? I’d be curious to take a peek :slight_smile:


Same here, would love to take a peek at the code.
@timh any chance you have it on github or somewhere else?

I like it, it’s really helpful to get rid of those nasty leeches.

What’s with the name though? Is it about some random bish? Or is it about Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca? Hmm, it could also be about Detective Harry Bosch from L.A. :thinking:

Probably all three.

Interjection. bish bash bosh . (Britain) Indicating the completion of a task with efficiency.,of%20a%20task%20with%20efficiency.


For those interested in the source, it’s all there on your device when you load the page. The HTML page is one part and the other parts are bishbashbosh.js (which is un-minified and easy to read), WanaKana, as well as a local storage library.

Coincidentally, I’m working on a userscript to extend what BishBashBosh provides for review categories, and possibly allow you to customize your own review sessions. I’ll probably release a simple version of the userscript later today (~7 hours from now).


I felt like I was literally the only person using this for so long; it’s really nice to see that others are appreciating it :joy:


I’ve been using this for about a month or so now, mostly as a way to cram Apprentice 1 Kanji into my brain. Before this, I would “learn it” and remember <50% of the Kanji after 4 hours. Now I get them all in on WaniKani, and then reinforce them by intentionally getting each wrong once on BishBashBosh so I see it 5+ more times.

Now I want to extend it to find the extremely old things I can’t seem to get right so I can consistently study them since I apparently need more reinforcement on those. Also probably burned items.


Interesting! I use it exclusively for stuff I got wrong, with the “recently failed” tab. It helps to target those old items that I just always get wrong, but which I never get drilled on enough - they just bounce between the upper levels forever.

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Recently Failed is definitely useful! If there’s some vocab or Kanji I just never seem to get right, I’ll try to hit up recently failed. Are there any types of reviews you would find useful that you currently do through some other means or would do if it existed?

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You may consider implementing some kind of leech filter like the one in the Self-Study Quiz script.

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Nah, I explicitly like the simplicity. I even like that it throws in all recently failed items as well as things which are specific leeches, because it stops me forming a bundle of associated leeches and makes it less likely that those newer items also become leeches :wink:


I’ll look into a leech filter. No promises, though.

BishBashBosh+ thread here:


I think you should have a thread dedicated to BishBashBosh+ This thread is for ordinary BishBashBosh.

It is done. Makes sense, too, if it gets randomly abandoned or BishBashBosh gets updated. Those conversations will be separate.

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