Biribiri Beats

もちろん :grin:

I have been planning to ping you for a while but things have been busy.

Nah, no one is too old to use Discord :tada:

It is an app for chatting,streaming etc. A wonderful app :+1: Think of a hybrid of WhatsApp,Facebook groups and Twitch and take away all the bad things from those apps :grin:

The main advantage is you can connect with users with just a random username instead of a phone number or an email, there by making people feel
more safer.

I am trying to think of a medium for us communicate without sharing personal details on this public forum.


Hi… Thank you for the introduction. :joy:
I created on account on discord. But how do I contact you now :neutral_face:

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… and take a break from time to time, take a look out of the window and enjoy the hanabi … in other words: I wish you a happy new year and a successful and joyful journey during 2022 :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

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Arigatou TLS san :slight_smile:

Akemashite Omedetou :partying_face:

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead :raised_hands:

How have you been TLS san?

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Looks like it is munch time again :slight_smile:

Yes, looking forward to the new year and hope it will be little bit less busy than the last few months.

How about you? Still planing for the trip in springtime? Unfortunately in a lot of countries situation is getting worse again :frowning:

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Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck TLS san :crossed_fingers:

It is in limbo at the moment. I am waiting to see how this Omicron variant turns out and the chances aren’t too good at the moment.


just came to the forum and found out that there are so many cool things! I’ve always wanted to get excited about doing something like this. By the way, I can give advice, I always use the color palette from