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Want to borrow my buzzword bingo card? :grin: I had a course on cloud computing last year, and they definitely know how to reach their buzzword quota.

Their scalable PAAS solutions ran in the cloud on elastic hardware, or in normal language: if it’s busy they added more computers to run their program on. I’m well-versed in buzzwords now, regrettably.


Vegan butter and vegan cheese!

Well, I put it in the freezer, so it’s no problem. Always keep a box or two in the fridge for when I need it

They make some great tacos with black beans

Glad to be of service!

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I am seriously worried that I might burst a blood vessel or two every time I read an article where a startup says “We use proprietary machine learning model to do…” or “We use AI to do…” :joy:

I have worked enough to know that 99.99% of the models that companies build are PR BS. The following XKCD explains current real world machine learning better than anything in the world. (This is probably my most favorite XKCD panel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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I once read one where they used one to sort a set of structures with a perfectly well-defined ordering to them. They could have just used quicksort or any of the other O(n log n) solutions, instead they went with this monstrosity.


@TrinityBringer san

The prices for PS-4 are not budging :joy: Christmas has come and gone. New Year has come and gone. I am not sure if they will go down. Should I bite the bullet and get PS-5?

Hmm… The PS5 is backwards compatible (meaning it can play PS4 games as well), which compensates for the fairly small PS5 library that’s currently available. I also haven’t heard of any serious bugs with the console yet either, and when bugs do appear, they seem to be patched at a decent speed. At this point, if you’re going to end up paying a similar price for the PS4, then it seems to be more sensible to just go ahead and buy the PS5. :thinking:

Thanks for the input Trinity san :slight_smile:

I will probably take a decision next week.

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