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I don’t really have any experience with back end, so I don’t know. I would like to do some projects that involve everything and see what I like. I like the idea of being able to do everything, though

I love Python. Somehow it manages to be super simple and advanced at the same time. I already have a project in Python that I could probably rewrite and make into a full application. I don’t know if you’ve seen my huge slitherlink puzzles, but they were made with Python. Sadly I wrote it all in one file and it’s a bit of a mess. Although I learned a lot about making stuff efficient with that project, because after optimizations it takes 12 hours to generate a single puzzle.

I would ideally like to get some experience with all of them

Then I can spend the first year working on my own projects! Great!

My older brother started programming early, but he likes system stuff (he did a degree in integrated systems), and I always thought that seemed terribly boring. If only I had known back then that programming didn’t have to be boring

When I was 14 I thought I wanted to study business economics! Well, it was only because I thought it was silly to work a normal job and earn loads of money for someone else when you could work for yourself… But how ridiculous isn’t that! I’ve gone economics → physics → Japanese → CS


Booo! Such omega butts! Maybe a miracle happens and you unbrexit


I’m putting all my hope behind the completely hopeless motion that will be heard by the European Court of Justice regarding the status of an EU citizen being a permeant one. The logic of it makes sense, when you get down to it; I was both in Britain, so am a British citizen even if I leave. I was born into the EU, so I should be an EU citizen even if we’ve left.

I don’t think it’s got a hope in hell of succeeding though, alas.


Interesting idea image You will have to tell us how they rule


That means your SO is most likely not a durtle.

Technically, I didn’t even know Mortiii san existed until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled on Valentine thread for one of my gratitude posts (I stumbled upon your resolutions post the same way), where Glias san posted she married a Durtle. Until then I didn’t even know there was an actual real life durtle love story :sweat_smile: While I do know you and Glias san are close, I never met Mortii san. Hence the suggestion :slight_smile:

Awesome :grin: I think you are a meat eater otherwise I sure hope you or your partner knows how to cook :stuck_out_tongue: That makes sense. Happens. What about your pets?

I’d be running away from cold places :rofl: I think Rosewagsblue san lives in PA. I like warm places :slight_smile:

That sounds interesting. I’d be willing to read the thesis if you plan to post after wiping your personal details.

Yep. The paperwork and rules are annoying. At least, in your case it should be mainly a one-time irritation. Once you get your GC, you are as good as set. :slight_smile:

Also, while I am not sure of the timelines in K-1 visa. A few months is a pretty good deal in my opinion. In most cases, it is longer than that.

Absolutely :metal: :raised_hands:

I am sure you will have fun :grin:

The more variety, the better :ok_hand:

I always wanted to be a writer but ended up in a different direction due to circumstances :slight_smile: Though I never planned to be an economist. A Historian - Hell Yeah!, Economics - not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the more fields you touch, the better your understanding of things :slight_smile: I believe in width first and depth later.

Ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime :joy:

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It’s great for most applications. It’s easy to write and it has just about everything you need as a package. The only times I found where it’s not really usable is for systems stuff (you need direct access to memory there, and can’t afford to use a VM), or for really high-performance applications (I do programming competitions every once in a while, and there are always some problems where using python is just too slow to run within the strict time limit).

These are nice :grin: It actually seems like a problem you’d find in a programming competition. They usually have similar types of games and you either have to write a program to solve them or generate them under a strict time limit. They always have some weird property that allows you to cut the complexity down a lot. :grin:

During my CS bachelor, we used C++ as the “default” language (mostly for systems/programming courses and for the initial algorithmics courses), Python was mostly used for the more data-sciency courses. We also had to use Java, Lisp, C# (regrettably), C, Haskell, and 3 types of assembly at various occasions. We also had a few courses where you could do the assignment in whatever language you wanted. I learned that day that writing a webserver in Lisp, while technically possible, isn’t a good idea.

It does look that way from the outside. It’s fun once you finally get going and see something work the way you want it to, but before that it just seems like a lot of typing :grin:


I am a vegetarian and my fiancé(e) is vegan! I hate cooking and they… Don’t really mind it! I do help, though. My doggie will be coming with me. She only weighs 6kg so I’m sure I can fly her in the cabin.

Cold is best! Especially when you have snow. Everything becomes monotone and dark and silent. It’s perfect.

Rose does indeed live in PA, and actually not that far at all from my SO

Not sure about that, haha. I never really like any of my writing, so it would be embarrassing to post

I think it’s typically a few months, but it could definitely be longer. I have considered looking into starting a company in Sweden and doing contract work though that. Might work as a loophole 251446983644938240 Not really relevant atm, though


That’s how I like the world.

Muffled, slow, and peaceful.


It’s too bad it hasn’t snowed here in the past few years. I like snowy days, especially if I can stay inside and look at the snow from there :grin:

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Yeah, I would love to write my slitherlink generator in C++ at some point

Oh, that sounds fun! I actually thought that figuring out how to do everything as time efficiently as possible (completely disregarding space efficiency in this case) was a lot of fun.

I actually found a bachelor’s thesis on generating Slitherlink puzzles, that used a super inefficient method of creating the solution loop. If you ever need to generate a puzzle with a randomized loop, don’t start with one edge and try to create a loop, start with a loop and modify it! That stupid paper didn’t help me at all.

All sounds like good fun


I didn’t think you were a vegetarian. What do you/veg swedes eat in general? (I am a vegetarian too)


Warm is best! Everything is tinged with a gentle shade of orange. You can walk to a gentle breeze on your face, play, read a book in a park. It’s perfect.

That’s nice.

Just make sure you are allowed work before you work for any company. Caution serves better in these cases.

It snowed for us today for the first time in exactly 4 years .


I live outside of the city and have no neighbors, so I love going outside on cold winter nights. It’s dark, cold, lonely, and silent, and there’s a starry night sky overhead. You can lay down in the snow and feel like you’re the only person in the universe.


Well… I am a lazy (when it comes to food) vegetarian, so I don’t eat that well. I make my own muesli, so there’s a lot of that with oat yoghurt. Bread with fake butter and fake cheese too. Vegan stuff last longer than dairy, so I eat vegan a lot. For dinner I usually make a couple of weeks worth of food at a time. Usually some veggies, maybe rice, some fake meats or beans… I am not a food person sweat

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I’ve read so many just outright bad papers at this point that it doesn’t even surprise me. Regrettably some papers just aren’t all that useful, or reproducable. It gets worse for some of the more buzzword-heavy fields. Some of the papers there really shouldn’t have been published.


I used to live in a pretty rural area where I could do that, but nowadays I live in a relatively small city in the middle of one of the most densely populated parts of the country, so regrettably I can’t really do that anymore. I guess that’s the one thing I do miss.


Hard relates, also lazy veggie.

I don’t know if maybe I’ve just got no food imagination.


Hey @KyokaJiro,

guess what came in the mail the other day:


It really made my day, thank you so much again. And sorry this response is coming so late, I really wanted to make that GIF, but didn’t find the time until now.


That sounds wonderful to me except when I imagine -25C cold winter night in Sweden, I don’t think I will be getting out of my house :joy:

I’d generally prefer a long walk in the nature either early in the morning or during twilight time :slight_smile:

What is fake butter and fake cheese? :sweat_smile:

Does it stay edible for 2 weeks? I generally get bored of eating the same thing 2 days in a row.

I am not a food person either :joy:

If you/your SO ever come across a delicious veggie/vegan recipe, please do share. I do get tired of eating the same 10 -15 dishes all the time :sweat_smile: I think it is high time to increase my repertoire.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. If I am being honest, generally I feel lazy about cooking and tend to make dishes that take an hour or less in total. Your cooking laziness makes me feel less guilty about my cooking laziness :joy:

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90% of the papers I read are me updating my knowledge of Tech Buzzwords. I feel, I might be better served to read gossip (which I abhor and stay away from. So, you can understand my reluctance at calling a paper good :stuck_out_tongue: )

There is a saying that goes roughly like “A scholar’s child is a dumbass”

My mom is one of the best cooks. (I know for most people mom’s food is the best.) This is well beyond that. So much, that most of the times even food at 5-star hotels feels inferior. So, compared to my mom’s cooking mine lacks imagination :joy: It is like comparing Picasso to a 3 year old scribbling random stuff :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe I should make it my new year resolution, after all I have vast room to grow. :thinking:


My pleasure :slight_smile:

No worries. Also, you need to take better care of crabigator :stuck_out_tongue:

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