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Are you going to climb your way back to 42 now?


I will have to get in the Crabigator’s good graces again


Why were they banned?


@anon34910982 was banned over general indecency and the word “trap”. He was a good person, it was a sad day.

@Midori_no_Sora was banned, I think, for some off-forum drama. I wasn’t involved in that, so I don’t really know. Better ask the pollers


Thanks Kumirei san :slight_smile:

I was going through the resolutions thread and came across this. You don’t have to answer any of my questions if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

Why do you want to move to US in this environment? Assuming you are moving on a job, do you plan to take the H1B route? or Are you planning to get your CS degree from US? Does this mean you are going to make a permanent shift to the USA?

You were engaged in 2020. Is the wedding date in 2021? (Personally, I think it is a great season to get married. People have an official reason called Covid to not invite other people. 20 people or less sounds like a magical dream to me :slight_smile: Of course, if you prefer grand weddings with a lot of folks then 2021 may not be a good season)

How far along are you in your JP degree? Is it a 4 yr course? Is it the same one Joeni san was asking about a few months ago on their log? (Early October)

I thought you already did a degree in Physics. Is the CS degree more for career purpose or passion? If it is for career, Physics grads are accepted in IT like never before.

Hahaha. Maybe some calculus. I don’t miss Geometry :grin: For some reason, I disliked it :stuck_out_tongue:

CS related job?

Of course. I hope you are happy on the forum and off the forums :slight_smile:

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Didn’t they get suspended first and then banned because they abused some kind of silencing workaround by editing their own posts? That’s kind of doing it to yourself :sweat_smile:.


My fiancé(e) is American 251446983644938240 I am in the final stages of getting a K-1 visa. I plan on taking advantage of my nationality to do an online degree at a Swedish university. That way it’s free. Yep, permanent move.

I (we) have no desire for a wedding at all, so we’ll just be going to the courthouse. No date set as I don’t have the visa yet.

Yep, same one as Joeni’s. Bachelor degrees are 3 years in Sweden, so yea, three years. And I just have the thesis left! Will be done by summer, unless I fail miserably.

I never finished my physics degree :eyes: I got a bit burned out / bored with it. I just have a few classes left for the bachelor, I even did the thesis already, but I wasn’t feeling it. I’ll go back and finish it later, but I am more happy where I am at now

It’s both, I guess. Learning how to write scripts has gotten me very interested in CS, and I could see myself working with it. I didn’t really feel that way about physics, I don’t think it’s something I want to work with, and I don’t really see a lot of career options in Japanese either. Programming is something I have discovered that I like doing and there are great career options

I would like to go through all I’ve already done in uni (calc, multi-calc, vector analysis, differential equations, stats, linear algebra, etc) to get a deeper understanding of everything, and then expand on it with discrete math (good for programming, I expect), topology, and more

Eventually, yes, but I’m not sure I have the qualifications yet. Since I’ll be moving somewhere new without much working experience I’ll just take what I can find at first.


Haha, yes. That was the straw that broke Kristen’s back


I kinda assumed that they were the same person, but I guess not…


I did too, at first, but they turned out not to be. Although, I believe that @Midori-no-sorika was an alt to @anon34910982


Judging by the scripts you write, you’d probably breeze through a computer science bachelor. Most of them assume little to no programming experience up front, so if you’ve been doing programming as a hobby for a few years you’re probably already way ahead of the rest of the class. Most of the math is just linear algebra and integer arithmetic, which isn’t really all that hard, especially not compared to what you’d need for physics (you might even be able to just skip it entirely if you show them what physics courses you did). Basically all you need to really complete a computer science degree is just a drive to keep trying stuff out, the advantage of the field is that you can basically try everything out, which tends to be the most educational aspect of it.

One useful way to build up qualifications is to just program a lot and put whatever you write somewhere online (e.g. a public github profile). That way you have something to point to. The actual skills you might need depend a bit on what specific field you want to get into, but the more you can show off the better.


That would be great! I am hoping I can do the CS degree while also working, so if it isn’t that difficult it would make my life much easier.

Yeah, definitely not expecting the math to be very difficult. I haven’t looked into degree programs yet, as I plan on starting in the fall (if possible), but perhaps you are right about being able to skip some courses.

Yeah, that’s part of the reason why I finally put all my stuff on GitHub this fall (or was it summer?). Thought it would be good to show that I have done a lot of (admittedly tiny) projects and never really stopped. Even if the code isn’t great (especially in the earlier scripts), it displays some kind of drive.

That’s what I am lacking. I know you can get a job without a degree, although it is more difficult, but all I really know is how to make userscripts, that is a specific application of JS and CSS. I have done some stuff in Python as well, but a lot. I think if I want to work as a developer I should probably expand my horizons a bit first


I wasn’t expecting a transatlantic courtship Kumirei san :stuck_out_tongue: If you ever plan to regale us with the story, I would be glad to hear it :grin: My best guess would be your fiancée was an exchange student at your Swedish University. If you are going to tell me that your fiancée is another durtle, I am probably going to ask Koichi to introduce “Single Durtle” badge :joy: so that I may find one too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not familiar with the particulars of K-1 visa, though I am sure Glias san can help you on that if needed since they processed the same for Mortii san :slight_smile:

Yes, Swedish degree would be the best. At least my personal advice is unless you get a full or 75% scholarship at an American University, tacking on 100K+ debt is probably not the right way to start a marriage :sweat_smile:

Wow. Congrats on your move! That is bold. Moving across continents and cultures is never an easy thing especially when you are leaving behind family. I sure hope you are ready for the culture shock :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I am assuming you are moving to a place like Michigan or Minnesota (since you are accustomed to the cold weather), and if you are moving to the Big T/The Lonestar state give me a holler :grin:

You two are truly a match made in heaven :smile: Keep rocking :metal:

Thesis on Japanese? Is this something you need to write in Japanese or English/Swedish?

I am confident you will pass with flying colors :ok_hand:

Congrats in advance!!

Gotcha. Cool.

Complete Agreement.

I salute your patience :grin:

At the moment, I am not excited to grab a pen and paper to do another Fourier transformation :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure how work permit works in the case of a K-1 Visa. I think this is another area Glias san can help you if needed.

Technically, I am confident you are better than most people. And I agree with B San, displaying your work on Github is a good way to showcase your skills. If you ever need a referral in the Tech Industry, let me know. I can give a call to my friends :slight_smile:


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Oh my god!

What do I do? I don’t know the answer to 1+1 = ? :joy:

Please don’t tell anyone :eyes:


Being good at the job and being good at job interviews are two different things :joy: Experienced it the hard way.


Any plans on being a Front-end, back-end or a fullstack?


Mine is basically a collection of either over-the-top programs for simple problems (like the botnet I built to control my radio) or complete jokes (like my implementation of a brainf*ck machine in pure C++ templates, or that time made a header translating all C++ keywords to Dutch to create just the most horrendous programs), so I can’t say I’m doing much better :grin:

If you already know some Python, the easiest place to start would probably just be creating a few hobby projects with that. You could probably create something like a small desktop app that shows you info from the WK API, that way you can still use your userscript experience to start with a project that’s at least partially familiar. I came from the exact opposite background though, I started with disassembling games back when I was 14, then thought myself how to write small assembly routines, and then gradually moved to C, C++, then high-level languages like Python or web-based languages later on, in hindsight, definitely not the most practical way to teach yourself programming.

A lot of CS bachelors use either Python or C++ (or occasionally something like Java) as their main languages. Usually Python is used for the more data-focussed courses, while C++ is used for the slightly more system-focussed courses. Having some experience in either ahead of time is a great way to reduce study load later on. Usually they spend the first semester getting their students familiar with basic programming constructs and making sure they don’t adopt a completely horrible style, then they spend most of the rest of the first year on basic algorithmics, and more complex programming concepts (e.g. OOP, dealing with dynamic memory, etc.). I think you’re probably familiar with all of those already, so the first year should be relatively easy. From the second year onward they tend to teach the more specialized fields, at which point it’s important to have the basics down.


I always had an inkling you are one of those precocious prodigies :wink:


When I was 14 the only things I knew on a computer was Word, PowerPoint, Prince of Persia, Mario and Road rash :joy: Heck I didn’t even have an email id and haven’t even accessed Internet :rofl: :rofl:


Alas not :frowning:

Despite the mound of evidence I dropped onto them regarding my English ability (240 undergraduate credits from English universities) they still rejected me for missing: Engelska B eller Engelska 6

It’s all a bit moot though, since the disastrous way in which the UK crashed out of the EU with a last minute deal means that I’d not have had any kind of fee exemption in any case. I’ll be sticking with my cyber security bachelors for the conceivable future, unless I win the lottery, since that’s still funded as a STEM subject.


I wasn’t either sweat_smile

Mortias did indeed get a K-1 visa. I guess it’s not common knowledge anymore, but Glias, Mortiii, me, and a couple of others, were actually a pretty close group back when they started dating. So I know all about it 295787090669469698

I’m actually pretty excited to start a new life. I’ve lived in Stockholm my whole life, so it will be nice to get away from family and stuff. I’m not that close to my family :eyes:

I wish! I mean, PA isn’t the worst place, they do get some snow… But I will be staying indoors in summer lest I melt! I think it would be nice to move close to the mountains eventually. I like mountains

It has to be related to Japan in some way, and I will be writing in English as the classes are held in English. I chose to do my thesis in the field of linguistics, and will be researching visual morphemes in manga. Visual language theory is pretty interesting. It treats visual expression as real language.

omg I love Fourier transforms

It’s kind of annoying, actually. You can either apply for a work permit as soon as you get there, and receive it in a couple of months… Or you can apply for it at the same time as you apply for adjustment of status (green card). If you do the former you have to pay an extra fee, and maybe get it a bit earlier. If you do the latter you have to wait until you get married to apply for it, but it’s no extra charge. Either way I think there will be a couple of months during which I am not allowed to work.

Thank you! If I can’t get anything else going I might take you up on that in the future

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