Birds and Cherries any known symbolism? タヌキとキツネ

We really enjoy the books タヌキとキツネ. Every now and then the book has sent us looking explore the symbolism behind one of the comics. Sometimes that symbolism is rooted in folklore.

One this particular page, titled もらうタヌキ, Kitsune seems to be napping and Tanuki is peering over Kitsune’s tail at a pair of small birds that are offering up a pair of cherries. Tanuki seems to be surprised by the gesture, based on the illustrated emotion lines.

Perhaps it’s simply a cute illustration of a sweet gesture, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s deeper symbolism that’s going over my head. I spent some time using various keywords combing through some history and folklore but I didn’t uncover anything that seemed relevant. I thought maybe someone might have some insight on any hidden meaning.


Since you didn’t post images, this is just guesswork. But tanuki is known in Japanese folklore as having large testicles. Perhaps tanuki sees that kitsune’s testicles are even larger than his? The pair of cherries could also symbolise those… er… balls.


Okay, strike that. I just found the picture and it doesn’t support my theory at all :joy:


Impressive find with the image. But yeah… prolly not what the author intended. :rofl:

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