Biggest Realizations / Mind Blows You've Experienced Learning Japanese


oh, reads like when in animes talk about cellphones… wait


I know a Japanese girl whose last name is Deguchi

And then I found out that 出口 means exit, and it’s read as deguchi…

I asked her, and that’s how she writes her last name in kanji. So her last name literally means exit…




Are you sure she’s Japanese? That’s not a very common Japanese last name. It’s more likely that she’s Chinese but grew up in Japan.


What makes you say that? I’m seeing it as #407 on this site.

So, I mean, yes, it’s not common, but I don’t see a reason to think it couldn’t be a Japanese person.


I went to Matsuya with a Japanese friend once and that friend commented on the fact that one of the staff was named 出口 and he thought that person was probably Chinese because of their name.


So, [citation needed] then :wink:

Not saying it’s impossible, just saying that jumping to “more likely she’s not Japanese” seems like a stretch.


Definitely Japanese, she was born in Japan and speaks Japanese.


At least she’s not named Aomame! :grin:


Is that a reference to 1q48? I started reading it months ago on holiday, haven’t picked it up in ages…


Yeah, it was, lol.
Apparently that’s the worst name ever, but I don’t know, I find it cute.


-stares at the word emoji-

-realizes something that i should’ve known for literal years given that i’ve known those bits and bobs for years-



お帰り。帰る。 I’ve known both of those for SO LONG and I JUST NOW realised the connection oh my god


I’m sure you also know that お帰り is short for お帰りなさい.

Well have fun:


Indeed I do, thanks though!


So today iKnow gave me the word 引き出し, drawer.

Then I remembered the word for closet from WK - 押し入れ.

pull and take out vs. push and put in. :smile:


Had a bottle of Japanese whisky bought ages ago. Just trying to finish it now and realised I can read the brand 白州! Hooray to Japanese whisky !!


The first time I saw 単行本 in the wild and realized what the kanji mean together:



I’m not very far into things, but 大人 literally meaning “big person” got me to chuckle since that’s what little kids call adults in English. Things can be so obvious sometimes. Also, it made that kanji really easy to recognize!


Have you ever seen a shiitake mushroom farm? Now look at that kanji again. It makes perfect sense, so cool! I also like how 猫 looks like a cat!